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Batman: The Dark Knight

The best way I can start this review is by saying GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! I have seen it FOUR times now.  Yes, I am a bit of a batman fanatic, as I grew up with the TV cartoon series, and yes Joker is my favorite villain, and let me tell you Heath Ledger does NOT disappoint.  That being said, this movie definitely contains a horror twist to it, so I would not recommend it to those who are easily scared, a.k.a. younger children.  When I saw the movie the second and third time, many of the children excused themselves from the theater during certain scenes.                 As for the review of the movie: we visit Batman a year later after he has now fought many of the criminals of Gotham City and is near victory.  As the crime rated continues to drop, people such as Harvey Dent and Lt. Jim Gordon are beginning to sweep up in the aftermath and rebuild Gotham.  However a new criminal, the infamous Joker(Ledger), appears on the scene and through his own cynical mind creates havoc and mayhem preventing Batman and city officials from reaching their goals.  Whether a long time fan, or new the acting of Heath Ledger, viewers will not be disappointed as they peer into the mind of such a witty and creative villain.                  This movie does a great...

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Mamma Mia

If you’re looking for a little comedy this summer, and want to sing along to some great music of the century, then consider looking into one of the best movies of the summer Mamma Mia!  This musical takes place in modern day Greece, in a “wee little island” where soon to be married Sophie (Amanda Seyfield) attempts to discover the true identity of her father. As the story progresses, her three possible fathers(Skarsgard, Brosnan, and Firth) , and stubborn- headed mother Donna(Streep) take a trip down memory lane as they recount their last summer together, and what seems to be one of the last happiest moments in their lives. This film does a great job of focusing on the chemistry between the actors, especially between the three dads and Donna, as well as Donna and Sophie. It truly depicts the struggle of mother learning to let go as her daughter grows and matures as well as a daughter learning to truly accept her mother.  The film also focuses a great deal on the interactions between the three possible fathers and Donna as she learns to face her past, and accept it not just as history, but truly as something that defined her.  Another great interaction this movie focuses on, and one that added to the comedy of the movie, was the interaction between Donna and Dinomoes, showing the beauty...

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