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Shooter brings the “BANG”, but will it be you banging your head from too much preaching or is it all in good fun? Mark Wahlberg stars with Danny Glover filling in as the villain in this politically motivated action thriller. Shooter was directed by Antonie Fuqua who seems to enjoy projects dealing with either political turmoil or higher government forces going corrupt, having previously filmed Tears Of The Sun, King Arthur, Training Day, The Replacement Killers, and Bait. Shooter is immediately being compared to the Matt Damon spy films in the Bourne series and rightfully so. However, Shooter layers the violence on much deeper and has enough sniper shooting sequences to wet the dreams of the most avid video game player. Yes, it is that good sometimes. The acting is on par for this piece with Wahlberg and Glover doing their duty as paid and Michael Pena coming in with a very like-able performance as the three weeks out of the academy bumbling FBI agent who is on to something. Kate Mara and Rhona Mitra fill in two female slots in the cast, however their sexuality doesn’t really come into play even though there is a love interest sort of subplot going on, and this is a, well: shooter movie. The downfalls of the film are the usage of cliché action movie plot additions. I don’t want to throw...

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Mr. Brooks

Mr. Brooks seems normal, and yet he is a killer. The concept has been explored before, on the movie screen and in real life. However, Kevin Costner wearing a bow tie is priceless fun so let’s see how his serial killer movie turned out. The film Mr. Brooks was directed by Bruce A. Evans and stars Kevin Costner in the title role, with William Hurt, Dane Cook, and Demi Moore stepping in for support. The story at its basic roots is one which follows Mr. Brooks, a serial killer who knows he is an addict, yet has been able to suppress his cravings for a couple of years. He falls off the wagon and this time a witness photographs him in the act; witness played by Dane Cook. The witness decides that instead of turning Mr. Brooks in to the cop looking for him, played by Demi Moore, that he wants Mr. Brooks to take him along the next time he kills. William Hurt of course is Mr. Brook’s imaginary friend/alter ego/ demented conscience. The atmosphere of the film shows the detail and time that was put into crafting each scene. It is a dark piece orchestrated almost to perfection via mood. Even with faults there was no turning away from this movie and not finishing it, it compels you to see it through. The only time this dark,...

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A Mighty Heart

Movies based on real tragedies, when they are just a retelling and not a complete fiction based around real events, tend to be controversial. On one hand there are those who may be familiar with the story and they learn something, and then on the other there are those who already know how the story ends thanks to the news. Then one must ponder, how is making a movie about such a tragedy going to be entertainment? When A Mighty Heart was released I did not figure I would watch it, because I already knew the ending and such a journey would surely be depressing and uninteresting. However, the Dvd ended up in my player regardless of my protests. A Mighty Heart was directed by Michael Winterbottom and stars Angelina Jolie and Dan Futterman. It tells the story of Mariane Pearl, wife to Daniel Pearl, a Jewish reporter who was abducted by terrorists. The controversy for this film doesn’t tend to swirl around whether or not the tale has entertainment value, but how the filmmakers went about creating the story. Angelina Jolie, an obvious white woman, is put into make-up to make her appear to be a woman of more color. This of course has set off verbal accusations of racism, why have a white woman play a colored role? Why not just hire a actress closer to the...

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Ice Spiders Make For Cold Arachnid Fun

The production teams for the Sci-Fi channel are becoming known for their cheesy special effects and mass producing of likewise cheesy horror films. No matter how hard we try some of us just cannot pass up giving these sorts of flicks a gander once they hit Dvd in the R or Unrated formats. I took a trip to the rental store, Blockbuster if you must know or if Blockbuster wants to reward me for saying Blockbuster, and made my selections; needing just one more I was faced with The Reaping starring Hilary Swank or Ice Spiders. Oh the decisions, Reaping….Ice Spiders…Reaping….or Ice Spiders. Okay I admit I am dramatizing the situation, I did not even hesitate in my decision: the second I saw Ice Spiders I took it to the rental counter. Ice Spiders was directed by television movie kookiness master Tibor Takacs, a Hungarian who’s follow up movie was entitled “Mega Snake.” The cast is comprised of Patrick Muldoon, Vanessa Williams (not the singer, but rather then African-American woman from Candyman), and Thomas Calbro. Of course there were other actors involved, but if I were going to take the time to name them then I also need to name all of the spiders. The movie plot is simple: Genetically altered, super big spiders break out of a secret lab next to a ski resort and start eating skiers...

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The Invisible

Invisible, that’s how a lot of teens feel once they reach that so ripe they’re rotten age where parents are aliens and the world slowly becomes the monster that was under the bed. The Invisible is a film directed by a well know screenwriter, who also directed Blade: Trinity. How did he do in capturing the feeling of invisibility along with entertainment? The Invisible was directed by David S. Goyer with screenplay credits going to Mick Davis and Christine Roum. This story about a young man left for dead, who is able to come back in a ghost like invisible form to follow around the troubled young girl that is responsible for his being almost dead stars: Justin Chatwin, Margarita Levieva, Chris Marquette, Marcia Gay Harden, Alex O’Loughlin, and Callum Keith Rennie. The main character of the story shares with us some of his poetry which gets recited a couple of times throughout. Call me a harsh critic when I say most poetry tends to be crappy, but don’t even try to call me harsh when I say this film sort of plays out like the crappy poetry.  This movie has an “I’m so Emo I am dead.” vibe to it, playing like an excruciatingly slow music video for teen angst and sorrow. Tension did build for a brief moment at around the hour and 15 or hour and...

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