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Jurassic World (2015) Movie Review

After the last two Jurassic Park sequels, I had to ask myself if we really needed another? I’m not sure if I can still answer that question with a yes. But, it is much better than the last two, that’s for sure. However; once the chaos in the park started I couldn’t help but think, is this really happening all over again? The first hour of the movie is so slow! Jurassic Park was slow as well, but it kept my attention because it was setting us up for something we had never seen before. There has been a lot of talk about Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, Claire in the movie. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the critics on this one. Her character is the stereotypical business woman who needs a man, Chris Pratt’s character, Owen to strip away the business and make her seem like a person with feelings. The kids in the movie really dragged it down for me. There is a “surprise” subplot about their family life that is so cliche and did nothing to make me root for them. Lazy writing. There were a lot of throwbacks to the original movie, which was fantastic. Be on the lookout for the DNA dude from John Hammond’s Jurassic Park video. Reasons it almost doesn’t make my list: 1) The subplots 2) The two kids 3) Predictable...

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SPY Movie Review

 After last summer’s Tammy, Melissa McCarthy needed to get her comedy mojo back. Luckily, she partnered up with her Bridesmaids & The Heat Director Paul Feig. I went into the movie hoping all the funny parts weren’t what I had already seen in the trailers. There are actually tons of funny parts not in the trailer! Many of them would have been censored to even play in any newsfeed or on TV. SPY is another example of how R-rated comedies can work. Perfect casting, great writing and enough of a plot where you don’t get bored. I wasn’t quite sure Jason Statham was going to work in a comedy, but because nailing the action star, he nails his comedic timing. Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Allison Janney and the rest of the cast are the reasons I expect people will like this movie. Jude Law was fine. I’m not a big fan of some of his recent work. Here is my list of the unexpected reasons SPY makes my list of movies to see this summer: #1 Melissa McCarthy’s disguises #2 The knife fight! #3 Miranda Hart, who plays Nancy Feig has really proven himself to be a comedy powerhouse and this one will just add to his comedy hits collection. SPY has all the elements and the right cast for this to be the beginning of a great series of...

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Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Review

Sequels are tricky. Many cave under the pressure of the original, but not Pitch Perfect 2. Elizabeth Banks produced the first, this time she decided to direct the follow-up. Let’s hope she does it again for the next one. There have been rumors 3 is already underway and let’s hope it is if 2 is any indication. Your favorites from the first one are back and this time they got too big for their britches and find themselves back at the bottom of the acapella food chain. The story seems fresh again and it’s nice to see more of a story for Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), great new aca-competitors and a supersized riff off! As much as I really liked the movie, I have to say I don’t think the songs this go-around are as good as the ones in the original. The new ‘Cups’ song, ‘Flashlight’ is growing on me, but I don’t understand why they didn’t incorporate the other original song, ‘Crazy Youngsters’ into the movie more. It’s fantastic and it’s got a great message behind it. Also, don’t forget to stay for the mid-credits scene/song. Adam Devine is fantastic in it! 5 Reasons To See Pitch Perfect 2: 1) The Bellas are underdogs again 2) The new riff off 3) Keegan-Michael Key (Beca’s boss) 4) Das Machine 5) More John &...

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Mad Max: Fury Road

I was only two years old when the first Mad Max came out in theaters. I had seen it several years ago, but I watched it again before seeing the new movie. After seeing Fury Road, I can tell you, you don’t have to watch any of the previous movies to enjoy this latest installment. All you really need to know is that Max (Tom Hardy) is “mad” due to everything he has survived in this dystopian world. His wife and child were killed and several of his friends. Throughout this movie, he is still dealing with those traumas. The movie is called Mad Max: Fury Road, but the movie should be called Furiosa: Fury Road. Furiosa (Charlize Theron) definitely has more lines than Max, who barely talks. He is bound for the first part of the movie, but it’s also because the crazy, fun ride starts almost immediately and the action is louder than any dialog. Reasons why I recommend it: 1) I’ve never seen a movie world like it 2) The characters are so unique and bazaar 3) The gals in the movie kick just as much ass as the guys (something you hardly see) 4) The stunts were incredible! Hardly any CGI, practical effects 5) It’s under 2 hours!!! Director George Miller has created a world I don’t want to live in, but I sure want...

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Cinderella (2015)

Critic Chat: CinderellaIn this case the glass slipper fit perfectly. I will admit I went into the movie expecting very little. I left wondering what happened and why did I enjoy it so much. I knew going into it the cast was pretty solid. With Cate Blanchett as the Stepmother, Stellan Skarsgård as the Grand Duke and Helena Bonham Carter as the Fairy Godmother that’s a pretty good start. Each were excellent in their roles. I was familiar with Cinderella herself, Lily James from Downton Abbey and the Prince, Richard Madden from Game of Thrones. Both were very charming and had great chemistry together. Sophie McShera and Holliday Grainger were also great together as the stepsisters. The cinematography was beautiful and I loved the little throwbacks to the Disney cartoon. Surprisingly, it was funny and the story moved along at a great pace. I highly recommend it and I would watch this over the animated...

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