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Godzilla (2014)

How many GODZILLA movies has there been? I for one have no clue. Never have I watched one either to draw comparison. What did I feel about this beast unleashed on the wide screen? It’s plain and simple; it’s entertaining but it’s nothing out of the ordinary apart from the fact of the Monsters. It will be forgotten by the end of the summer but while you watch it, it’s not that bad. There is nothing insane in this movie. Frankly to begin with I was quite disappointed when I saw the first monster on screen. Although not having...

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A top contender for the number one spot this summer, 5th installment of the X-Men franchise and the 3rd movie with Bryan Singer at helm as director; X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST in all forms of the word is exploding through the seams with nothing but blockbuster brilliance.The summer has just begun and movies thus far have not failed to impress and entertain the audience. I will refrain from placing all my eggs in one basket and side with X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST as the best movie of the summer since we are yet to witness TRANSFORMERS :AGE OF EXTINCTION, EDGE OF TOMORROW,DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, THE EXPENDABLES 3 & HERCULES to name a few. X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST once again turns to Hugh Jackman (Since the 3rd Movie) as the Man/Wolf Mutant has been doing well with his own movie franchise. This choice is wise. This choice works. This choice gives us the strongest screenplay in the franchise with a story line that is guaranteed to blow away your senses and leave one thrilled and convinced that this is best script written thus far for Professor Xavier and his students. Set in the future (2023) the X-Men are faced with the greatest challenge ever; The Sentinels. Created by man as a defense mechanism against the mutant race, these machines go beyond expectation hunting...

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Gravity (2013)

Contains Spoilers! 10 nominations for the big showdown at the Academy Awards in 2014 GRAVITY deserves them all but one. The idea of having this movie nominated for the category of the Best Motion Picture of the Year is clearly overrating this motion picture. This movie is great but not that good to stand alongside all the other titles that have made the nomination cut. Maybe the concept of “Life in space is impossible” was an intriguing theme to many a viewer that this movie clearly has made it to the top. This was all that I was thinking the entire 91 minutes; I mean the movie was great … but come on!! This aint Oscar Nominee material. Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), Mission Commander Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and Sharif (Phaldut Sharma) for some reason is outside their space ship trying to rectify a matter which is absolutely irrelevant to the plot when they are caught in the middle of a astro-debris shower which destroy the spaceship they were on killing all its crew except Ryan and Matt (What a surprise- Now I didn’t see that coming). Floating in space without any clue as to where she is Ryan cries for help only to be rescued by Matt and his jetpack. Matt and Ryan make their way to the ISS (International Space Station) which conveniently happens to be...

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I have felt this before, this feel of being taken aback seated speechless for a moment after witnessing something epic. It took me a while but then it dawned upon me that this is what I felt when I first watched Daniel Day-Lewis portray the Academy Award Winning role in LINCOLN. Undoubtedly in the most outstanding performances of their careers Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto are my favorites thus far for bringing home the goods at the Oscars for the nominations of Best Performance of an Actor in a Leading role and supporting roles respectively in the bio-drama DALLAS BUYERS CLUB.   If you had suddenly being told that you have only 30 days to live and that you have to make peace with this information how would you react? Rodeo bull rider Ron Woodroof (McConaughey) wakes up in hospital to this news which is shared with him by his attending physician. Woodroof who has been diagnosed positive of the HIV virus reacts to this revelation in anger. In fact it is this anger that fuels him to the distances that he reaches out for survival.  Woodroof who was initially treated with the drug stated AZT did not respond positively to them. Instead the needle happy bull rider tried experimenting with medications and drugs to concoct his own special brew of HIV anti bodies, Strangely these events did lead...

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“I have made a bunch of films that are about the post 9/11 world one way or another. CAPTAIN PHILLIPS felt like it was fresh and new and speaking to tomorrow” – Paul Greengrass This is what the director who gave us THE BOURNE SUPREMACY &UNITED 93 amongst a few other great movies says about his collaborated Hanks venture ; CAPTAIN PHILLIPS. Overwhelmed by the performances here I am starring into an abyss where my thoughts and emotions run riot on how to sum up this movie into words that would convince the reader that it is a must watch. Mustering the courage to hold back the waterworks as the final lines are delivered by Hanks I exhale trying to gain control. Paul Greengrass has been around long enough to know the ropes of the trade and to manipulate the audience by reaching out and pulling us right into the center of where it all happens. To make one feel one with those on screen by tweaking the screenplay just right to balance the intensity without hovering too far from reality. This alone ensures the bio-drama stays afloat in the Somali Basin. Based on the headlining Richard Phillips incident back in 2009 we witness the journey of American flagged Maersk Alabama leaving port from Salalah Oman and heading towards Mombasa Kenya around the horn of Africa through the Somali...

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