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I have felt this before, this feel of being taken aback seated speechless for a moment after witnessing something epic. It took me a while but then it dawned upon me that this is what I felt when I first watched Daniel Day-Lewis portray the Academy Award Winning role in LINCOLN. Undoubtedly in the most outstanding performances of their careers Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto are my favorites thus far for bringing home the goods at the Oscars for the nominations of Best Performance of an Actor in a Leading role and supporting roles respectively in the bio-drama DALLAS BUYERS CLUB.   If you had suddenly being told that you have only 30 days to live and that you have to make peace with this information how would you react? Rodeo bull rider Ron Woodroof (McConaughey) wakes up in hospital to this news which is shared with him by his attending physician. Woodroof who has been diagnosed positive of the HIV virus reacts to this revelation in anger. In fact it is this anger that fuels him to the distances that he reaches out for survival.  Woodroof who was initially treated with the drug stated AZT did not respond positively to them. Instead the needle happy bull rider tried experimenting with medications and drugs to concoct his own special brew of HIV anti bodies, Strangely these events did lead...

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“I have made a bunch of films that are about the post 9/11 world one way or another. CAPTAIN PHILLIPS felt like it was fresh and new and speaking to tomorrow” – Paul Greengrass This is what the director who gave us THE BOURNE SUPREMACY &UNITED 93 amongst a few other great movies says about his collaborated Hanks venture ; CAPTAIN PHILLIPS. Overwhelmed by the performances here I am starring into an abyss where my thoughts and emotions run riot on how to sum up this movie into words that would convince the reader that it is a must watch. Mustering the courage to hold back the waterworks as the final lines are delivered by Hanks I exhale trying to gain control. Paul Greengrass has been around long enough to know the ropes of the trade and to manipulate the audience by reaching out and pulling us right into the center of where it all happens. To make one feel one with those on screen by tweaking the screenplay just right to balance the intensity without hovering too far from reality. This alone ensures the bio-drama stays afloat in the Somali Basin. Based on the headlining Richard Phillips incident back in 2009 we witness the journey of American flagged Maersk Alabama leaving port from Salalah Oman and heading towards Mombasa Kenya around the horn of Africa through the Somali...

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Hours (2013) #RIHAW

It is a feeling I have not experienced before. This feeling of reviewing a movie of an actor who has been one of my favorites and knowing that this is one his last productions his fans would ever have the privilege of enjoying. If you are a fan of the late star Paul Walker indeed HOURS is a must watch and what’s more it’s a setting that we are not accustomed to seeing him in vs. the adrenaline pumping action movies that has made him a household name that would be remembered forever. Decently directed unfortunately quite poorly written by Eric Heisser, this script offers Paul Walker a herculean Hollywood challenge. I have to admit a fan wouldn’t see that Paul Walker is capable of pulling HOURS off as well as he does since it is pretty much a one man show much like Tom Hanks in CASTAWAY. Well he took me by surprise when he embraced the role of the father (Nolan) who would go through any ring of fire to save his new born daughters life. Many a critic would compare this movie with the Hanks hit and then arrive to conclusions that Walker didn’t quite create the impact his character Nolan was entirely given the responsibility for. Plain and simply I will agree since Walker was milking the best out of the script he was given...

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Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

How a movie like this are rated as PG-13 by the MPAA I will never understand!!! Have you played with an Ouija (commonly pronounced as Wee- Gee) board? The grisly creative minds of SAW; James Wan (Director/Writer) and Leigh Whannel (Writer) pens down a rather similar school of thought when Carl (Steve Coulter) uses a bag of dice to communicate with the realm of the spirits in search of Elise (Lin Shaye). INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 picks up exactly where the first movie left off. The fact that the plot continues without losing its sense of interest and delivering even greater jolts and thrills simply earns this movie a spot on the ”A list of must watch horror-movies”. As the first movie wrapped up Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) was left behind in the spirit world where he walked into save his son Dalton (Ty Simpkins). Something did return back to Josh’s body but it was not him, instead it is something darker and more deadly than anything the Lambert family has ever experienced in decades. INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 is his desperate and fervent effort to leave the dimly lit spirit world and reunite with his wife and kids. James Wan & Leigh Whannel, that’s 2 for 2 for the year 2013. Whilst the secret to their success is as simple as having two of the most ingenious minds in the...

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Django Unchained (2012)

Oh boy I did not see that coming but knowing Quentin Tarantino once did deliver magic, I should have anticipated this. An absolute phenomenal feast of sheer acting brilliance compact into 165 minutes of western adventure is DJANGO UNCHAINED. Events occur in a time 2 years before the gi-normous civil unrest in the States. Django (Foxx) a black slave is bought off by Dr.Schultz (Waltz) from the prying hands of two slave traders. Dr. Schultz who is retired 5 years now from dentistry is a bounty hunter of the state and requires the assistance of Django to identify the Brittle Brothers who have a handsome bounty set on their heads.  Django who agrees to assist Dr.Schultz does so in true Western-Foxx craze convincing me that Will Smith was wise to turn down the role because no one will play Django better than Jamie Foxx. Acting is indeed integral in any motion picture. The performance of the actors in this movie is more fundamental than any other movie of the recent past since the DJANGO UNCHAINED isn’t about a variety of occurrences put together. Instead the movie follows Django every frame of the way making the audience involuntarily focus on the same set of actors which opens a window of opportunity to zero in on the vulnerabilities in the character portrayals. The best part is that there are no flaws,...

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