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Ride Along (2014)

………… Every Second…………. Every Minute……. RIDE ALONG is a full dose of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart with the latter being at one his finest performances that will split you up laughing. Ben Harper (Kevin Hart) a security guard is accepted into the police academy (Which actually carries no further into the plot of this movie). The closest Harper has been ever to hold a gun is in his first person shooter games on Xbox.  Harper who is dating the hotness Angela Payton (Tika Sumpter) is seeking for approval of the relationship to take it to the next level...

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The Amazing SpiderMan 2 (2014)

….. Contains Spoilers. THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 here on mentioned as AMS2 will take one by a great disbelief as the movie wraps up. A brave move some would say that was taken by Marc Webb in writing out the character of Gwen Stacy (Stone) although this may too hurt the franchise that is in the process of rebuilding itself. AMS2 always has been true to the original comics than the Toby Maguire franchise ever was. Marc Webb and his team go further and stay true to the comic issue #121 (June 1973) “The Night that Gwen Stacy Died”...

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A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014)

…… Some of my favorite lines in the movie that will surely split you up. “That went south so fast” “People die at the fair” “Please don’t shoot us on sex night” “Dude you really shouldn’t drink and horse” “I am about to shoot a full load at your cans” “Mila Kunis” Written and directed by Seth McFarlane (The Family Guy) A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST is set in Arizona in the year 1882 (arguably the worst time to live in) where everything and everyone that is not you is trying to kill you. Albert (McFarlane)...

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

Ridiculously detailed to every nook right down to very twirls at the end of moustache of Mr.Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL  is a must watch for the fans of Wes Anderson. His rather unorthodox animation of FANTASTIC MR.FOX drew attention to quite the number of critical stinkers although personally it was enjoyable to me. Quite similarly TGBH too contains Anderson’s eccentricity in the perfection of detailing which is the core pillar of the success of the blisteringly comical motion picture. TGBH isn’t snarled, devious or unfathomable to the audience as grandeur as the title wants it to sound. The opulence lies in the minimalism. The ostentatious and foolish escapade of Mr.Gustave (probably the only concierge to reach the Hall of Fame for concierges if ever there was one) and his lobby boy is all what TGBH is about. Mr.Gustave if one may say so is undeniably a “Play-AH” and his type is mature, rich, blonde women (GOLD DIGGER!). As all men he knows how to handle his ladies and still be a hit at the office. Mr.Gustave sails a tight ship. Perfection is something he harps on with daily meetings with the staff which is preposterously entertaining. Although Fiennes has proved his versatility in acting it’s hard to see him beyond Lord Voldermort to many in the audience. It further will astonish and amuse the audience since...

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Blue Ruin (2013) _ Killer Thriller

An Indie Film isn’t water under the bridge; it isn’t just a movie which is construed as a limited budgeted venture without big shot production houses at its helm. When one hears the term “Indie” one is instantaneously thrown off course. Watch BLUE RUIN and it will forever change the way one perceives Indies. Let me throw a few titles at you. THE DESCENT, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, MEMENTO, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, MEAN STREETS & THE TERMINATOR are some of the most stringent budgeted productions seen in the past decades. BLUE RUIN does not have an A-List director to its name as some of the titles mentioned above. Instead Jeremy Sauliner can be considered an amateur with comparison to Nolan, Scorsese or Cameron. But still BLUE RUIN is one of the most absurdly intense and realistic movies of 2014.  Slow oFf the blocks BLUE RUIN progresses at a slow pace focusing on the mysterious growth of the troubled Dwight who is baffled at the news that the murderer of his parents is being released from prison.  The psychological imbalance and the struggle with acceptance is too darn realistic that for a moment Dwight isn’t Macon Blairs work, instead Dwight is as real as it gets. What happens to a man who holds another man at gunpoint for the first time? He hesitates, he doubts himself, he is...

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