Surprisingly the entertainment experience in ACT OF VALOR is not even close to what is expected. If one has seen the trailer of ACT OF VALOR and also had read a few previews on some gossip magazine and also some sound reviews of critics about the movie it is hard not be excited. Active duty […]


  Barney Ross (Stallone) and his rivet crapping tough mercenaries are neck deep in gunpowder as they infiltrate a terrorist camp somewhere in Nepal. Shooting, stabbing, punching and frying pan fighting (yes frying pans!) gets the team to their target. The objective is to extract a rich Chinese billionaire for reasons unknown. Much like Liam […]


Finally watched it, well overdue but finally did. Ridley Scott returns back to a genre defined by him decades ago. The making of PROMETHEUS has been by far one of the best kept secrets in movie making history and the suspense is frustrating. This critic is a fan of Ridley Scott and has read countless […]


The summer has been one dry spell after another at the theatres. It most certainly has not been a great summer for comedy. Some of the most popular names in comedy seem to be consecutive failing at large over the past few summers with an exception of  one or two movies of the genre. Adam […]


MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS The term out of sight out of mind is relevant to this article. The simple fact of ARMAGEDDON not being spoken much of today justifies that. This being said, if one may question another; have you watched the movie ARMAGEDDON, 8 out of 10 certainly would shoot back with the reply “Yes”. […]


THE CAMPAIGN is certainly by far the most restrained performance of Zach Galifianakis. A viewer cannot be blamed for having expectations high as this critic did especially following up to unforgettable performances in HANGOVER & DUE DATE. The question at hand is as follows. Is Zach restrained due to the character he is written to […]


EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. The loosely used idiom mentioned above does not stop ringing in my mind following the magical story of Bethany Hamilton. A 13 year old girl who has the gift for surfing is the victim of a horrendous shark attack. Bethany who loses her entire left arm fights not to lose […]


07/10 is the best I can rate this movie. As much as I am being persuaded by my conscience to rate her in the upper ranks of 08 (4 Stars) I simply need to be true to myself and be unbiased with my review. SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN is a fairy tale told with […]


Let us discuss the summer buzz of 2012 shall we? AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN, PROMETHEUS & MEN IN BLACK III. These are the most anticipated titles this year. . This summer is Elysium compared to the horrendous motion pictures we had to sit through during the […]


Denzel Washington is the Godfather of the Black American actors of today. There is not an argument that Denzel is on the pinnacle of the list along with Freeman, Whitaker, Murphy & Smith. Something obvious in all Denzel movies is that he likes being the underdog who fights for a cause or the normal average […]


An absolutely wondrous cinematic experience and a heart tugging story is director John Maddens THE BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL. Watching the trailer to movies is a habit I try to quit but it’s like the bad habit of smoking. It isn’t all that easy to give up and stick by. Never the less I was […]


First things first; let’s get the obvious out in the open before I rip to shreds the disaster that is HAYWIRE. Director Steven Soderbergh thrills working with Hollywood royalty. How he convinces some of his cast to sign up with his productions is indeed one of the greater mysteries to this enthusiast. As the saying […]


A comedy lover’s next best Utopia, a farce that will keep you laughing on your belly every time Aziz Ansari comes on screen and every moment Nick Swardson brings on his bad boy character Travis to life. 30: MINUTES OR LESS is a wondrous stress buster for any time of day.  A lunch time movie, […]


Are you familiar with the song Crash and Burn by Savage Garden? The song ideally discusses a theme of togetherness for good or for bad come what may. Nicolas Cage did not learn the first time with GHOST RIDER back in 2007 although co –star Eva Mendez did. Instead, the action-hero (of the yester years) […]


The streets unveil in the year 1846 in Five Points Manhattan. The Native Americans led by Bill “The Butcher” Cutting (Daniel Day Lewis) go head to head with the immigrant communities led by Priest Vallon (Liam Neeson) of the Dead Rabbit Gang. Priest Vallon is butchered at the hands of the butcher (Pardon the Pun) […]


  May Contain Spoilers This piece is certainly one that is going against the tide and up the river against the most popular and common perception that; BATTLESHIP should stay where she belongs; as scrap metal on the seabed of the North Pacific. Against all odds this movie enthusiast has seen the silver lining. For […]

MONEYBALL : A fantastic bio-pic direction with brilliant performances for the serious audience.

KNOCKED UP, SUPER BAD, FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL all have one thing in common and that factor is Jonah Hill. The almost lavishly round Jonah Hill is widely known for his appearances in movies with involving teen seduction, intimacy and drugs abuse in some degree. Jonah Hill who is now 28 years old is seeking to […]


Channing Tatum is on a roll; it is absolutely 2 for 2 for him with his 2012 releases as of date. 21 Jump Street while is the undefeated of the 2 in my opinion, THE VOW; a movie of romance tags along close behind. With 2 more productions due for release in 2012 Tatum could […]