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The Jungle book (2016)

Who would have assumed that stories said to have been written by Rudyard Kipling to his daughter in 1894 will entertain the generations to come? Over a century has passed and yet another adaptation of a story as old as time is about to sweep the box office world wide. “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack”  The law for the wolves is lengthy. You possibly wont recall the entire law for the wolves but, if there is one thing you will carry away from Jon Favreaus’ THE JUNGLE BOOK it will be this one line. Its been 22 years (THE JUNGLE BOOK- 1994) since the story of mowgli has been last told. With emphatic CGI and a breakout performance by Neel Sethi, THE JUNGLE BOOK directed by Jon Favreau tops the list thus far for 2016 for imagery and tips the scales in favor for cinematography with veteran Bill Pope handling the lens. Mowgli (Neel Sethi) – A man cub, found within the jungles of India by Bhageera (Ben Kingsley) a staid black panther, is handed over to the wolf pack led by Akela (Giancarlo Esposito) and is Raised by Raksha (Lupita Nyong’o) as her own cub. Running across the jungle, swinging from branch to branch, foraging for fruit, rolling in the mud and up to his mischievous...

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American Sniper (2015)

I didn’t know the story behind Chris Kyle (the most lethal sniper of U.S history) until that final one liner played across the screen following the last frame of the movie. Undoubtedly the greatest role Bradley Cooper is to have portrayed to this date. The three times Oscar nominee, receiving nominations three years running is now part of an ensemble of ten actors to ever have achieved such; Russel Crowe being the last. AMERICAN SNIPER is not just another movie of war.  Instead it delves into a deeper and more sensitive core of how war challenges and changes those in the hot center of it and the ripple effects on the families left behind. Directed by Clint Eastwood, finally to me THE HURT LOCKER steps down to number two! This is a must watch. Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) is a Texan lad who grows up and takes up the Texan way of life and aspires to be a cowboy. Kyle and his brother are brought up in a household where his father mans a tight ship. Into his thirties Kyle seeks into a deeper meaning into his life. He enlists himself with the US military as a Navy SEAL and is soon decorated for his 4 tours in Iraq accumulating 160 confirmed kills which earns him the nickname “Legend” amongst his fellow SEALs. AMERICAN SNIPER unfolds the story of...

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For a man with just ten movies of directorial involvement under his belt and to make the A-List of directors in Hollywood Christopher Nolan surely has his bearings placed right. Known for his anarchic works since his indie days of MEMENTO all the way to blockbuster ring leaders such as the BATMAN trilogy, Christopher Nolan always has proven to be gaining of his game. As the mediocre summer blockbuster season of 2014 sets in the horizon the winter opens to the exhilarating and much anticipated Nolan venture into the genre of Sci-Fi ; . Starring Academy Award winner Matthew...

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EDGE OF TOMORROW is complete mindfuckery. The kind of mindfuckery that is expected in a Doug Liman movie and the style of fuckery that an audience would accept with arms wide open. Yes – let’s admit this, we love a twisted plot or even so any pattern of twist in a movie. Doug Liman is known for his confounding approaches and he in fact has done so and survived without having his name tarnished. EDGE OF TOMORROW is neither as complex nor impenetrable in terms of understanding like INCEPTION. It’s a plot that is fathomable. It is a 24...

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Transformer : Age of Extinction (2014)

A month long Hiatus and here I am back at doing what I love. A promising start in the motion picture with Wahlberg (Yeager) and Miller (Lucas) and their humor works for Michael Bay’s fourth outing with the TRANSFORMERS franchise. Being a fan boy of the franchise never have there been flies in the ointment with my metal robot experiences. There is nothing not to like in the reinvented hi-tech robots. New cast, New city, Dino Robots, New Villain and the largest collection of robots than all the other movies put together. Everything gets a new look and brand...

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