The Damned United

The “The Damned United” is a film about rivalry, and the hazards of man’s selfish ambitions. This 2009 film, directed by Tom Hooper, stars Michael Sheen as the newly appointed manager Brian Clough of the English football team (soccer to those on this side of the Atlantic) Leeds United. Clough is a “cheeky lad” to […]

The Invention of Lying: Honestly, Worth Seeing

Imagine a world in which there were no lies (think “Liar Liar” on a global scale). People told you just what they thought about you and you can tell the bank how much money is in your bank account. In this movie written and directed by Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson, this world is a […]

“Once” Maybe Twice

Okay, so I like a good romance from time to time, and I like music. So I should have really enjoyed “Once,” a sort of romantic/ musical/ docudrama right? Well, maybe. “Once” begins with a shot of our main character (played by Glen Hansard) on the streets of Dublin playing the guitar for money. Now […]