X-Men:First Class

Marvel studios which is famous for comic book movies, is back again with a comic based movie, that has been already seen on screen. But we are waiting for the origin of the X-men. This movie delivers the beginning and how the X-men evolved. From the title itself, it is revealed that X stands for […]

Harry Potter and the half blood prince (2009) review

J.K Rowling series, is back after 5th instalment. Harry potter and the half blood prince. The title says , something towards blood relation and link to a prince. This movie continues from the previous one. After harry faces lord voldemort, the people realise that dark lord is back and his death eaters cause havoc and […]

Source Code (2011) – movie review

Time reassignment program. Oh my god! Source code is way different from the time machine. We have seen many movies in the past that has the time machine story involved. Well this story is well connected, but it is not about going to the past only, but also changing the future The basic story goes […]

Source Code (2011) – movie review

The Source code, is designed and directed by Duncan Jones. When I say the word designed, I mean it. The reason is that, it is having a basic sub-plot of computer programming. In short we can say that it is a time assessing program that can rehold the future, by sending a person into the […]

Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix movie review

Harry potter and the order of the phoenix is the fifth in the movie series of the original novel written by J.K Rowling. Let me remind that the book was the biggest among all the books and movie is shortened among the rest of the movies. Of course the last part is the shortest. We […]

Pirates of the Carribean : On Stranger Tides

This movie is a franchise. So I will make you remember the last scene of the previous one. Jack sparrow taking the map of fountain of youth.! This is about the story here. Rob Marshall brings in POC part 4. Well coming to the movie we see opening scene as dark as possible and thrilling […]

The King’s Speech (2010)


The basic storyline of the movie is about, duke who has a problem with speaking. The king has two sons. King wants the elder son to replace him as the next king. But there is a trouble with him which always , makes him feel away from others. Every Christmas , he delivers a speech. […]

The Expendables

For a while I really thought that, those days are gone where, machos like arnold and sylvester stallone acted in super action films. When i first heard that, Sylvester stallone is planning to bring in all theĀ  action heroes of 80’s in one movie, I firstly doubted and then I realized that every action movie […]


Ever one imagined when dreams can become real. When we are sleeping we always have dreams at times. What we see in dreams are just imaginary and we need stronger emotions to get it to be done. Inception makes the pavement now for this concept. Dream is the main soul of the movie and the […]

harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1

the movie is the last of the book series. of course part1 of the last book. the last book gives the details and adventures searching for the, horcruxes, magical objects that can conceal life. lord voldemort is waiting for attacking harry potter. harry potter is on his mission to track the real horcrux which was […]