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The Adventures of Tintin (2011)

Tintin is a good jolly visual ride that slowly sinks below the sea level. The Adventures of Tintin is an American 3D animation film that reprises the great detective character tintin. The secret of unicorn which is been called outside north America is directed by ace person Steven Spielberg and produced by Peter Jackson. Spielberg for a while after making treasure movie Indiana Jones in 2007 is now back with another adventure motion capture film that follows the same pattern. This is very difficult to say a cent percent animation feature and neither easy to say a true motion capture film. The characters in the film are all looking partly generated and partly human. Plot takes its basics from the novel of the same title, whereas the action setups and some parts of narrative are made on its own style of charismatic appeal any Spielberg movie does. This adventure of tintin is about finding the hidden treasure. The plot begins with Tintin buying a ship model called the unicorn from a sales mart. A rough person warns Tintin of its danger and asks him to leave it and go. Meanwhile Saccharine the arch rival easily identified by the look in the face wants that ship at any cost, but tintin refuses and reaches home. Saccharine steals the ship unfortunately with a lost metal piece that holds a secret letter....

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Ghost Rider : Spirit of Vengeance (2012)

Neveldine/Taylor has proved before in Crank that action movies can be over the top. In Spirit of Vengeance they have once again proved that action can be over the top. The same kind of pattern where guns and launchers speak louder than dialogs and script is evidenced. Ghost rider 2 looks like a sub dued sequel that was looking for a story since 2007 when the first part came. Joining hands with screenwriters Scott gimple and Seth Hofmann is the famous David S Goyer (batman begins and the dark knight). Mr Goyer took up in writing the script part of the franchise. By the way he totally lost his name by creating this movie.

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Moneyball (2011)

Bennett Miller who is famous for taking real life stories as motion pictures has returned to present another real story that concentrates on sports. After Capote he is back again in 2011 bringing Moneyball. Capote depicted the life story of author of the book (in cold war), Mr. Capote. Now he followed the same way to give another real story by using a smart cast. The plot of Moneyball cannot be created or destroyed. It is history and Bennett Miller has reinvented the baseball game. There are only few restricted characters in the movie and he sticks to develop those characters to perfection. Of course the major character is Mr. Pitt. Moneyball deals about understanding the baseball game and how come managers and board members of one team outwit another. It may be considered as a sort of gamble. Here it is money and players are traded for a higher amount. Like in the movie it is said that wins count, every run counts and not the team. This could be a perfect gamble for getting runs and making wins. The movie opens with Mr. Pitt sitting in an empty stadium and listening to radio about the match progress occurring in some other ground. He does not like the conclusion of the news. He gets an appointment with his boss and he speaks about his ability to recruit new...

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Puss in Boots (2011)

Chris Miller’s Puss in Boots is a wholesome pack for funny moments to cherish reminding the old rhyme character humpty dumpty and also bringing back the best character missed from Shrek. Always when Dream works bring a movie on to the big screen it is the time to celebrate. Puss in boots delivers the goods. The elements of the movie like lengthy chase scene in a chariot run by red eyed pigs and a giant tree that unleashes its green leaves with glimpses of romantic interlude and oncoming danger is all submerged to give fun. The plot is imaginary and strictly those who believe in fairy tales can consider it even. The action part was having its own share of novelty and cleverness. Chris Miller with his previous movies like Shrek and Madagascar has proved he would not make any mistake in delivering the best. But after some bad time with the third part of Shrek he is back pulling a character from it and making a wholesome entertainer. The plot is about puss in boots (voiced by Antonio banderas) who wants to be free from his charges and prove innocent for all his undone offense. He goes to a club with drunkards and demands them jack and Jill’s address so that he can steal the magic beans. He gets access successfully by breaking the glass of their home...

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Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes is about black magic and science. It may not be totally black magic but the movie considers itself to become a black magic until the secret is revealed. Considering the original novel series written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes is having the magic in finding the puzzle. It looked more like a blessing in disguise. The elements of the movie considering the plot may be quite borrowed or created, chase, fights and romance elements were having its own share. Guy Ritchie planned with the earlier movie RocknRolla that he can bring someone who is presumed to be dead alive. Following the same concept here he fused mystery and black magic with some parts of electrifying science and the world’s greatest detective to solve the case. Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr) and Dr. Watson (Jude Law) are on to catch lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) from making a girl kill herself. After successful in that work, Sherlock and Watson are now having a problem that might separate their beliefs. It seems that Blackwood has risen again from the grave and supposed to do something to control the world and make the future. It is up to Sherlock and Watson despite having their own problems go out and solve the case. The case ends well and of course reopens telling the name Moriarty at the climax(...

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