Ra.One 2011

“Even the bad exist in the world, it can be identified by the shadow following it” quoted in the movie by G.one the good one played by Sharukh khan. Ra.one directed by Anubhav sinha (famous for Tum bin and Dus) has taken a science fiction movie in hand. With screenwriter, David Benullo and Kanikka Dhillon […]

Captain America: The First Avenger 2011

The hero with a metal shield is on to the big screen. It’s my review of Captain America: First Avenger.   “Its time we have to knock the enemy’s door” a quote mentioned in the movie gives us the fact that these are those people brave enough to face the enemy territory. Captain America, hero […]

Killer Elite 2011

“May the best man live”, as the tagline in the movie, gives the fact that there are going to be a lot of killings and assassinations. Killer Elite is directed by, Gary Mckendry, an Oscar nominee, who is famous for taking Irish movies. Now he brings killer elite, based on the novel “The Feather Men” […]

Minority Report

“Sometimes in order to see the light, you have to risk the dark”, a quote mentioned in the movie, reveals the fact that the science and technology has developed to such extent that even mistakes can occur and every one living has to face the dark first. Minority Report directed by Steven Spielberg (fame for […]

Super 8


Super 8 A movie review by M.Sreekiran Super 8, directed by J.J abrams( fame of Star Trek ), has crafted a movie that focuses the enthusiasm of young children, to make a movie with their super 8 camera. Looking at the title and the theme behind his work, I can say that title did justify […]

Megamind – 2010

Well, before going much further, I would like to keep a note that this is an animation movie and it is made for just children. Well , may be the elder ones shall give a try for its freshness in the script. But the children can go mad by watching it. Megamind , title completely […]


“I am Jaguar Paw, this is my forest”. A heroic dialog said in the movie, will justify that, there is a ruler in the movie, and he will take care of his forest. Apocalypto directed by Mel Gibson, crafts a village based tribal story with sheer intelligence in hunting and also belief in fate and […]

Rise of the Planet of Apes – 2011

“Caesar is home”, is quoted by an ape. It is surprising to see that an ape can speak but only one speaks in the movie, even though, that would be in the later half. With science and technology developed to peak levels, we now see an ape getting transformed into an intelligent species, which has […]

Green lantern – 2011

“My face is just getting warmed up” is a quote mentioned in the movie.  Warm up yourself, as this comic hero strikes, the screen. Green lantern directed by fame Martin Campbell, is a sci-fi movie, with good doses of humor, emotional and groovy and childish visual effects. Yes, I am right, the movie has visual […]



A Documentary or a real fact that we are unaware of or we are aware of, is on board. Directed with great enthusiasm by, Yartrus Bertrand, this documentary is about our planet Earth. “It is too late to be a pessimist “ as quoted in the movie, reflects the fact that , we the homo […]

Transformers: Dark of the moon

Ever imagined a machine occupied a part of the moon and a einstein in the machine world created a teleport device to teleport humans and bring the machines to rule the world we live in, i.e the earth. This is the senseless and illogical drama with overly stuffed action packs and good chances to perform […]

The Shawshank Redemption

Imagine a world where one gets caught for not committing a crime. Well we know where we will land. It is the land called as Shawshank, a prison that keeps the innocent people and also some bad asses who pretend to be innocent. They give a bible and make the prisoners realize the truth and […]

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2

 The epic conclusion to the harry potter franchise has finally arrived. A tribute to J.K Rowling and her novels, finally comes to an end. Harry potter and the deathly hallows part two. Directed by David Yates who has been working for the past 3 films has again took this into his hand. I must say […]

Batman Begins

welcome back to the ancient comic book called the batman. Batman is something different among the other comic books. Well already many batman movies have come and only few survived the flood against superman series. But Christopher Nolan brings back the edition of batman in an entirely new level. He brings in the story of […]

The Dark Knight

Probably i will make you remember that the batman begins ended up with joker card. Here we expect the joker in the movie. Does he live up to expectations! Lets see! Christopher Nolan brings in the dark knight. I always wonder why his movies does not have title at the beginning? The reason is that […]

Final Destination 5

Let me get straight to the point that this movie is a franchise and it will have a continuity to the previous movie. But is the continuity strong enough . lets see! Final destination 5 3D directed by Steven Quale, is a movie that has a credited beginning. With this I understand that movie has […]

Kungfu Panda 2

Dream works entertainment brings back the panda mania after two years in the form of kungfu panda 2. The movie is animation in nature and suits well,with the younger generation. The movie is about a single line story called as ” one that destroys kung fu” Here the director of the movie introduces missile bombs […]

Fast Five 2011

fast five is the last installment in the fast and furious series. The movie is brought by Universal studios and directed by Justin Lin. The movie is written by Chris Morgan. The movie has a runtime of about 120 minutes. Its fast and really a perfect adrenaline rush movie. The movie has a good emotional […]