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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012)

A dog and pony show. Science says that, imagination is not just a part but also a depth in understanding its core. In the movie, Journey 2: the mysterious island, the island is full of wild imaginations and more looks like an old fairy tale said to children. But this is no children movie. It is far from insanity and more evolved with some huge creatures and also tiny objects. The big ones are small and small ones are big, hence it is the mysterious island. Brad Peyton (famous for Cats and Dogs part 2), had taken up this part to direct, along with screenwriters Brian and Mark gunn. Warner Bros and New line cinemas distribute the wholesome fun filled entertainer. This movie is careless. With the previous movie, he has shown that plot might be as silly as possible. The coliseum of imagination has run wild and much deeper in terms of delivering a popcorn entertainer. Journey 2, is not a hard hitting tale to think about, with clues left and puzzle solving, but it is rather straight, no brain buster with a silly and fun filled plot elements. It has a simple plot, about finding Anderson (Michael Caine) lost in a particular place, who could be traced by cracking the radio signal codes sent to his grandson Shawn (Josh Hutcherson). His step father Hank (Dwayne Johnson), is...

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John Carter (2012)

Silly CGI fun with lots of visual delight and gravity-less plot, meandering.   John Carter is a movie that displays some sheer senseless fun with some good spell of thrills. It is a movie of big budget and we can consider a fact that Disney has decided to pull the chords of money again with John Carter. It is a realization of what makes a simple lead story coupled with teleportation to the other world or planet. Directed by Andrew Stanton (famous for finding nemo, toy story), John Carter is a visual ride with lots of graphic images and visual effects entangled with a slight portrayal of a mean plot. Plot of the movie is about Captain John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) a veteran captain of the Virginia region. He accidentally comes in contact with a small metal object that transports him to barsoon the mars. He starts developing skills and one day he becomes the hero of mars. The Martians call him as Virginia.  He decides to leave the place, but sooner finds that the locals need him. Now John must utilize his potential abilities to defeat Sab Than (Dominic West) occupying helium. The only way is to give the hand of princess of helium to Sab Than. But John finds this the wrong way and tries to ensemble his army to protect helium. Plot development is weak. The...

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Happy Feet Two (2011)

Too much of plot and characters to be exposed and linked    “There is no worry”. This sequel to the original oscar winner is surely a dumb one. The lines of animation might be splendid, but it lacked the tempo and gusto the original gave. The emotional response, the artifacts and the plot were very well handled in the first part. Director George Miller does not provide the required elements of joy in the movie. It is more sophisticated and looks a bit odd in terms of presentation and narrative. The second part crumbles slightly with sub plots and lot of characters to be exposed and handled. The narrative goes pulpy. It takes awhile before the main plot begins. One might fix with a plot, but rather get an another plot within few scenes. Still it is good enough to watch the penguins dancing to the floor recollecting happy feet.  The plot is divided into two portions. One being the small one Erik (Ava Acres) trying to find his destiny and deciding to fly, while the other is global warming effects on the penguin land. The first one is good to imagine, but the second one is a serious plot. Mumble (Elija Woods) explains his son Erik,  that if one needs something he must feel it from inside. Gloria (Alecia Moore) asks mumble to go and get fish. She...

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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

“What do you see?” I see everything. Sherlock Holmes the most famous detective of Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels is now back in action for the second time. Game of Shadows bestows the impeccable talent of Sherlock and his histrionics to make the viewers engage. He sees everything and he says that it’s his curse. We must remember that the previous movie gave insight into important characters. This one has stressed upon the arch nemesis of Sherlock, Professor Moriarty. Warner Bros and same production unit brings in the sequel. The plot continues with the last frame shot of the previous where Holmes and Watson think about Moriarty. This one opens with an explosion and a bit later with Watson (Jude Law) typing the memories of Sherlock. With this we can glance that movie has opened a bit late. The story goes in the form of past where Sherlock (Downey Jr) and Adler (Rachel Mc Adams) decide to spend a dinner together. But their party does not occur due to the interference of Moriarty (Jared Harris). Watson is now being married to his old love Mary (Kelly Reilly) and Sherlock is the special visitor. Sherlock now meets Moriarty a mathematician in a college not mentioned. Moriarty tries to disturb the happy moments of Watson and Mary. But Sherlock comes in time and saves them. Most of the movie focuses on the...

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Memento (2000)

A crackerjack neo-Nair retrograded approach.   Memento is a psychological thriller that does not begin and end, but ends and then shows how it began. Christopher Nolan adapted the basic plot from his brother Jonathan’s short novel Memento mori. Although there were many changes in the feature film, the basic idea is from the novel. Christopher Nolan is already known for the Following in 1998, where he adapted a technique in showing elements in reverse chronological order and even though he did not get much attention with that, memento will make him recognize himself. This movie stands as his own and it will define him. The various elements in the movie like plot, narration and action set ups are all having some uniqueness in terms of demonstrating. I will say that action scenes are not really engaging enough to set the seats high in terms of popcorn action like gone in 60 seconds or mission impossible: II but it is smart with a racy retrograded screenplay. New market associated with Summit entertainment distributes the film. Nolan probably chose the smaller ones because he does not want the film to get expanded humongous but to a shorter extent and get appreciated in all the corners by demand. The basis of the plot is about a person suffering from anterograde amnesia, a particular disorder in which creating new memories in impossible....

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