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Chronicle (2012)

There are two kind of movies. One that will totally entertain with a stale plot and another with a strong plot and deep writing. Chronicle will settle for the second choice. It is nicely poised with a technical script and has some gritty characters to care. Trank’s chronicle is neatly merged with lots of video footages and powerful performances. The plot is about three youngsters who come in contact with radiation. They get supernatural powers and start using them with rules. Dane De haan(Andrew) does not play with rules and things go beyond control and it costs life of his best friend Jordan (Steve). His cousin max warns him but eveything goes berserk. Landis’s writing is good. The elements and playful nature of youth is nicely shown. The main plot lacked clarity and should have been more clear. With a run time of 84 minutes, chronicle had everything in place. A good plot, story of 3 friends and youth power. Performances were splendid and characterization was brilliant. Dane has done a good job. Alex rusell was cool and Jordan was caring. It has good supporting characters also. Technically there are few awe moments and certain things lacked clarity. For example exposure to radiation scene note it. It has well placed visual shots with effective cinematography. Finally chronicle is not a popcorn ride for all. But it demonstrates that a...

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The Darkest Hour (2011)

There are generally two kinds of movies. One is that which will entertain to the best that lacks a strong plot and great lead cast. Another is one with, a good plot and some terrific lead roles. The darkest hour gets the third position, which has amateur actors and a silly plot. but still I can mention that there were some chilly moments and also necessary dialogs to make us realize the actual idea of the screenwriter. The darkest hour borrows the principles of physics, and utilizes to the highest imaginary level and creates a different alien attack we have ever seen. This movie is loaded with huge special effects and lots of sound which was very loud and barely tolerable. The major problem with the movie is that though the proceedings were interesting, it still lacks logic and despite some spiny goose bump sequences it does not impress because mainly of the underwritten plot and anticlimax. Another problem is that the lead cast are not quite impressive to perform. This is not Arnold schwazenegger fighting the invisible creature just like he did in predator. Its Emile Hirsch (famous for Alpha Dog) who is hunting down the creatures along with his friends holding a long battery operated cannon emitting microwaves. That is the problem. There are no big time actors. Director Chris Gorak with his previous suspense thriller right...

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Man on a Ledge (2012)

There are generally two kinds of movies. One is that which will entertain to the best that lacks a strong plot and great lead cast. Another is one with, a good plot and some terrific lead roles. Man on a ledge nearly made its pavement to make a gripping thriller, but just lost itself with too many characters and quick paced action. The plot totally was on diamond heist. Generally heist movies are considered to be thrilling due to set pieces and new mechanic abilities with various techniques of stealing. Gadgets involved in such kind of movies are always cool enough. But in man on a ledge, there are no attractive gadgets and neither attractive set pieces to build up a perfect heist movie. There are no awe moments in the movie except one single jump scene from adjacent building. Asger leth who is not so famous onto the silver screen has taken up this movie. He is not much experienced as, Justin Lin (Fast Five), Steven Soderberg (Ocean’s Eleven). Man on a ledge is not equal to top heist movies I have seen. It has a heist plot runs well with the same notion, but suddenly changes and turns into a different angle. The last ten minutes of the movie is totally chaos and nothing is really hardly believable.   The plot begins with Nick Cassidy an ex...

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Wrath of the Titans (2012)

There are generally two kinds of movies. One is that which will entertain to the best that lacks a strong plot and great lead cast. Another is one with, a good plot and some terrific lead roles. Wrath of the titans probably belongs somewhere in between. It neither boasts itself with jaw drop moments to cherish nor has a good moving plot to care and think a lot. It is totally visual with lot of CGI scattered all over the place. The big problem in here is in spite of having a strong cast support it could not deliver the goods. The main reason is plot that depends only on graphic work. Another problem is the crew that has under taken the task. Jonathan Liebesman who is famous for psychological thrillers has suddenly picked up a mythological concept. Thanks to him, he has taken only the job of direction. But to the real demise is from screenwriters and the story writer. Lot of changes from the original mythological facts has come into place which has spoilt the chance of some character development and scope to perform. On the whole basis, it is solely made for visual satisfaction, which is not even quite satisfying.   To be simple and straight forward, the plot is about Perseus the demi god of Zeus, to go and save his father from his brother...

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Coriolanus (2011)

Coriolanus is the directorial debut of Ralph Fiennes, who plays as Marcius Coriolanus. With the end of Harry potter series, it seems that Ralph Fiennes has entered to take a movie on his own hand. Without making any experimentation, he has chosen a tragedy drama written by William Shakespeare during the period 1608. With a powerful cast chosen in form of Gerard Butler, Jessica Chastain(wife) and Vanessa Redgrave(mother) to reprise their respective roles, Ralph has already emerged a winner. Considering the previous experience of Gerard, we might jump to a conclusion that he has lost the image of taking powerful roles since 300. The plot in here demands a much stronger role that might really help him from his previous failures. The plot opens in Rome, where a team led by Marcius infiltrate the camp of Volscians led by Aufidius (Gerard Butler). After victory against them, Marcius has been decided to become the consul of Rome. But some anti Marcius group try to reinforce bad image of him in the people and this leads him to get banished from Rome. With no sort of ideas Marcius now called the Coriolanus, leaves Rome and joins with Aufidius. He swears to take revenge on Rome. Now he leads a powerful team that is ready to strike Rome. The two enemies of all time who have fought nearly five times have joined...

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