Tree of Life

          When I sat down to watch Tree of Life for the first time I knew that it was a movie unlike any other.  I had heard all about the Oscar buzz and I had heard about other reviewers who felt that this movie was not at all Academy material.  It will be a little […]

Rise of the Planet of the Apes: A New Form of Acting

            At this day in age you would be hard pressed to find one person who hasn’t had their life affected by Alzheimer’s; and that is what makes Rise of the Planet of the Apes such a relevant and compelling movie.  I myself have had this terrible disease affect my family and I too I […]


              Megamind and Metro Man have been rivals since they were both little babies cruising away from their respective collapsing home planets in their protective pods and arriving at Metro City, U.S.A.  For years they have grown up together, Megamind using his super villainous prowess to kidnap local reporter Roxanne Ritchie, and Metro Man has […]

Alice in Wonderland… Follow Me Down

                        All of her young life Alice has had a recurring dream filled with a rabbit in a waist coat, a smiling cat, and animals that can talk.  She has always looked at the world differently than those around her and she has been thought of as odd for her outlook.  While attending her surprise […]

Chicago… And All that Jazz!

            Roxie Hart has wanted to be a star for as long as she can remember and she thinks she is finally on her way to the stage.  The man she has been having an affair with, Fred, has promised her for weeks to introduce her to his friend at the Onyx, a jazz nightclub […]

Paul: An Out of this World Alien Story

            I will admit that whenever I hear about a new alien movie coming out, I am a little shy when it comes to wanting to see it.  It seems that every movie that comes out of Hollywood these days has something to do with aliens.  When I picked up Paul on DVD last week […]

Cowboys & Aliens

            When I first heard the title of this movie, and mind you this was before I knew any details like who was in it, I thought it was going to be a comedy-a joke- not a real picture to be taken seriously; but the new Universal release Cowboys & Aliens is anything but a […]

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides “Indeed”

In the fourth installment of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean- On Stranger Tides not only has Captain Jack Sparrow returned for another swashbuckling adventure, but I, Shanna Wilson, your faithful movie reviewer and friend, actually broke down and saw her first 3D movie ever.  Was it worth the extra three dollars and keeping popcorn butter […]

Cars 2: Out of Gas?

            After the stellar performance of the Pixar Studios last box office hit, Toy Story 3, expectations were sky-high for their newest installment to the studios list of out of this world computer animated stories.  Cars 2 is the sequel to the hit Cars which left many competitor’s movies in the dust.  I could almost […]

Shanna’s Movie Review Mission Statement

Dear Faithful Readers,             I am writing to you today to make a new commitment in writing movie reviews; to make a declaration of my love for everything about the movies.  I have finally decided that instead of writing these reviews just as hobby I try to get to when I can; I want to […]

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End- The Final Showdown

              The world is a little darker place now that Jack Sparrow has been imprisoned in Davy Jones’ locker.  Perhaps Elizabeth Swann learned what it is like to be a real pirate when she sacrificed Jack to the Kraken to save herself and the other crew members of the Black Pearl.  Pirates of the Caribbean: […]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest- Dead Men Tell No Tales

            Captain Jack Sparrow has certainly gotten himself into a pickle of grand proportions in the second chapter of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise: Dead Man’s Chest.  Any fan or foe of Sparrow knows he is a pirate and he has a past.  That past comes calling when old friend “Bootstrap” Bill Turner delivers […]

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl- Are You Savvy?

             Elizabeth Swan’s dreams are frequently invaded by the memory of the day she met William Turner.  She was a young girl accompanying her father on the crossing from England to the Caribbean Islands where he was to be governor.  Will was a young boy and the only survivor after the ship he was on […]

Little Miss Sunshine: Portrait of a Modern American Family

            Most little girls in modern America have names like Heather, Jennifer, or Elizabeth; Olive is not the typical name for a child and Little Miss Sunshine is not a typical movie.   It tells the story of Olive Hoover, a sweet and innocent seven-year old girl living in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her family.  Her […]

Julie & Julia: A Recipe for a Great Movie

What do you get when you add a generous helping of Meryl Streep, an equal part of Amy Adams, and a dash of Stanely Tucci?  You get the absolutely charming and Oscar nominated movie Julie & Julia.  The movie begins by telling the story of Julia Child and her husband Paul when they move to […]

Tangled: Not a Flash in the “Frying” Pan

In Disney’s newest addition to their repertoire of updated classic fairy tales, not only has a new precocious princess been added to the line-up, but in that special way that is only Disney, new life has been breathed into a treasured classic.  Tangled is the re-telling of the story of Rapunzel, the young girl with […]