Author: Shanna Wilson

Pacific Rim

In Guillermo del Toro’s film Pacific Rim the world is under attack by huge alien monsters that some from the sea called Kaiju.  To defend the world against the giant Kaiju the different governments have come together and designed large robots called Jaegers which are driven by two co-pilots that are connected by a neural bridge.  While the minds are connected the two pilots can control the massive robots in hand to hand combat with the Kaiju.  So far the Jaeger program has been successful but as time has passed the Kaiju have learned how to protect themselves, rendering the Jaegers defenseless.  In a last ditch effort to rescue the world a former washed out Jaeger pilot and a rookie trainee are paired together in an obsolete Jaeger to finally push the Kaiju into extinction and to save the planet. Pacific Rim had received a lot of press before it even was released that it would be a bomb, but after the release it has found some success at the box office.  Perhaps people are simply curious to see if all the rumors are true, but I find that if you go in without any expectations it opens the door for you to be pleasantly surprised and that is what happens with Pacific Rim.  Guillermo del Toro is known for intricate and detailed out of this world creatures, and...

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Man of Steel

In Warner Bros. Pictures newest release for the summer, Man of Steel tells the story of the origin and beginning of Superman.  Born on the planet Krypton that is dying, Kal-El is sent by his mother and father to the planet Earth for his survival.  Along with him his father Jur-El sends with him the Codex, a DNA blueprint of all of the bloodlines on Krypton.  Before Kal can be sent to the new planet, a man named Genernal Zod and his group of supporters attempts a military coup on Krypton in hopes of seizing control of the Codex to build a superior race of Kryptonians.  But before he is successful, he is captured and sentenced to lifetimes upon lifetimes inside a black hole.  As Krypton explodes and dies, Kal-El is transported to his new home and finds his new family.  The young Clark Kent, the name given to him by is human parents, seems like a regular guy, a young man who was raised on a Kansas farm.  He travels from place to place taking on odd jobs and trying to stay off of mainstream society’s radar.  Here on Earth he has to hide his differences for fear of how the world will treat him.  All his life he has struggled with his abilities to see what others couldn’t and do things that humans could only dream of. ...

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White House Down

Capitol policeman John Cale has served his country in the military, completed three tours in Afganistan, and earned the Silver Star.  Currently guarding the Speaker of the House, Cale wants to work for the United States Secret Service and help protect President James Sawyer.  An unlikely candidate, Cale is denied his dream job.  Not wanting to disappoint his daughter who loves everything about the president and the United States government with the news of his denial, he arranges to take his daughter Emily on a White House tour.  While touring 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue a paramilitary group takes over the complex with the goal of capturing the President of the United States and forcing him to go their bidding.  Now Cale has to try to save the country, the president, and his daughter from the unknown terrorists who seem willing to kill anyone who gets in the way of their goal. Roland Emmerich, who directed other movies like 2012 and Independence Day directed White House Down.  Known for his use of large action sequences and plenty of CGI, Emmerich does not disappoint the action lover in this film.  Full of stuff blowing up, White House Down is an action lover’s dream come true.  But a movie cannot rely completely on action to be a good movie, there has to be other aspects like a good script and character development.  Here...

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Despicable Me 2

In Universal’s newest release, the ex-supervillan Gru and the minions are back for a second time in the hilarious and witty Despicable Me 2.  This time Gru, who has settled into family life, is recruited by the Anti Villain League to help discover who has stolen a special mutation formula from a secret lab in Antarctica.  If this formula were to make it into the wrong hands, the results could be disastrous.  While trying to be a good dad for Margo, Edith, and Agnes Gru has attempted to develop a special line of jellies and jams to go legit.  When he is recruited by the AVL he is looking for a taste of the old days.  The AVL thinks that Gru can help capture a super villain because he used to be one.  With the help of his partner, Lucy Wilde and of course the minions, Gru embarks on a journey to capture the super villain and retrieve the mutation formula.  After narrowing the suspects down to one of the owners of a business located in the local mall, Gru and Lucy’s suspicions fall on to the owner of the local Mexican restaurant.  While trying to balance work and family life, Gru begins to fear his girls growing up, as Margo becomes interested in boys. Despicable Me 2 is a sweet and smart movie that little kids and kids...

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Monsters University

In Pixar’s newest full-length feature film, Monsters University, we are transported to a time when best friends Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan first met.  Both young monsters are embarking on their education of becoming scarers at Monsters, Inc.  As established by the movie Monsters, Inc., a scarer sneaks into the rooms of young children and scares them to harness the power of their screams to help power the monster’s world.  Mike and Sulley, as his friends know him, both enter into the scarer program at Monsters University to learn the tools of the trade.  When the two young monsters meet each other for the first time, it is not exactly love at first sight.  After getting thrown out of the scare program Mike and Sulley reluctantly join the lamest fraternity on campus to compete in the Scare Games.  The Scare Games are a series of team competitions to determine who are the best scarers.  Mike makes a deal with the dean of the scare program that kicked him out that if his fraternity wins the games, they will all be allowed back into the scare program, but if they lose, Mike and Sulley must leave campus for good.  Monsters University tells the story of how these two very different monsters overcome their differences and become the best of friends. As with all Pixar movies there is a special...

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