The Avengers

What a way to start off the summer movie season than with a gem like The Avengers?!  The long awaited Avengers movies hit movie screens with a smash at the beginning of May 2012.  All of out favorite characters are there to take us on a new adventure against a known adversary.  Iron Man (aka […]

Mirror Mirror

In 20th Century Fox’s newest release to DVD, called Mirror Mirror, the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in retold in a modern and charming way.  After the beloved king of a kingdom goes missing, his greedy wife assumes the throne and imprisons her young stepdaughter, Snow White, in the palace far away […]

Act of Valor

       In a blend of real-life heroism and original filmmaking, Act of Valor stars actual active duty navy SEALs in this story of anti-terrorism.  Based on a true story, this film has it all from combat sequences to modern battlefield technology.  Act of Valor takes you deep into the secret world of the highest trained […]

This Means War

In 20th Century Fox’s newest release on DVD, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, come together for a new comedy that will tickle the funny bone.  This Means War tells the story of Tuck and FDR, two CIA operatives who wage an all out war when they discover that they are dating the same […]


Shame tells the story of Brandon Sullivan, a good-looking New York professional who has a dark and destructive secret.  Brandon is the kind of guy that any girl would be attracted to.  That is what makes his dark secret hard to understand.  Brandon has a sex addiction that runs his life.  Whether he is hooking […]

We Bought a Zoo

      In 20th Century Fox’s newest family film We Bought a Zoo, Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson share the screen in this silver screen adaptation of a true story.  When Benjamin Mee’s wife dies he quits a lucrative job at a newspaper to move his family to of all places, a zoo!  This move takes […]

The Descendants

Matt King is a middle-aged father and Hawaiian lawyer whose family life is thrown into crisis when his wife hits her head in a speedboat accident causing her to fall into a coma.  The doctors have done all that they can and now it is time to take her off of like support.  Matt now […]


Thousands of years after the mythic battle between the Gods and the Titans, in which the Titans were enslaved, a new evil has set across the lands in search of how to free the Titans from their prison and destroy the world. Led by the bloodthirsty King Hyperion, no man or woman in safe from […]

Howling’s Moving Castle

In Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyasaki’s animated treasure Howl’s Moving Castle, you enter a breathtaking fantasy world that is not only pleasing to the eye, but to the heart.  Sophie is a young woman who works in a hat shop and one day she strikes up a friendship with a young wizard named Howl.  Jealous of […]

In Time

In the very near future money is no longer a commodity, time is.  Everyone lives until they are twenty-five and then they are given an additional year to live.  You have to work to get more time or it has to be given to you.  Like with money, some people have a lot of time […]

The Big Year

In 20th Century Fox’s newest release on DVD, Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Jack Black star as three men who decide to participate in the bird-watching event of the year – The Big Year.  Every year birdwatchers of the world try to see as many native North Americans birds that than can in a single […]


Rango is a pet chameleon who loves action, adventure, and romance- as long as it occurs in his own tank and he can direct it.  One day Rango is on a road trip and after a car accident he finds himself stranded in the Mojave Desert.  He comes across a small lawless western town called […]

The Help

It is 1963 in Jackson, Mississippi and Skeeter Phelan has just graduated college and returned home with dreams of becoming a journalist.  To begin, she has gotten a job at the local newspaper writing the cleaning how to column.  While interviewing her friend’s maids for advice, Skeeter decides to write a novel about the perspective […]


The year is 1215 in medieval England and the rebel barons have just won the civil war with the evil King John.  The only way John is allowed to stay on the throne is if he puts his royal seal on the Magna Carta, a document that recognizes the rights of free men.  The despised […]

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

In 20th Century Fox’s newest release to DVD, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Jim Carrey plays a successful businessman who has lost sight of what really matters in life.  He looks like the man who has everything but it is what is missing in his life that encourages his eccentric father to send him not one, but […]

Water for Elephants

In the new movie from 20th Century Fox, Water for Elephants, Robert Pattinson steps out of his role of vampire and into the role of a veterinary student during the Great Depression.  Pattinson plays Jacob Jankowski, the son of Polish immigrants, who is about to take his final exam to graduate as a veterinarian from […]

Black Swan

            Nina Sayers has been a dancer with The New York City Ballet Company for over four years.  She is extremely disciplined, she lives and breathes ballet. She lives at home with her overbearing mother who gave up her career as a ballerina to have Nina.  She is known for her impeccable technique but she […]

A Mighty Wind

          After music producer and folk icon Irving Steinbloom passes away, his children decide to put together a memorial concert featuring the reunion of the three folk bands he helped shepherd to fame during the height of the folk music’s hey day in the 1960s.    In A Mighty Wind cameras follow the members of The […]