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Evil Dead (2013)

      When faced with an evil worse than death itself, would you saw off your own arm, rip your own hand off or, bury your only sister alive, to save your life? Well, the characters in “EVIL DEAD” face these exact horrors and more, in Fede Alvarez’s take on what many consider a re-imagining of the Cult Classic franchise of the same name that made Bruce Campbell a household name for every horror fan young and old.       Evil Dead follows five teens who venture to an old remote cabin in the middle of the woods to help their friend, Mia, quite drugs “cold turkey.” But, when one of the teens stumbles across a book bound in human flesh, (the Necronomicon, or “book of the dead,”) he unknowingly unleashes an evil presence that slowly starts brutally picking everyone off one by one in a gruesome bloodbath, until only one remains and is forced to fight back, to survive the night, all on his own.       This film will leave you feeling the need to take a shower to wash the sheer amount of blood off of your mind, while leaving you wanting more. To live up to its fame and legacy that the 1981 original cult classic has gained over the years, this film is drenched in blood, and will take you on an emotional roller coaster that will...

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