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Shaun of the Dead…

Starring Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, Kate Ashfield, Lucy Davis and Dylan Moran.. in a NON STOP 90 minute HYSTERICAL zom-com. Shaun of the Dead is obviously a play on words or Dawn of the Dead and they treat it so too. Simon Pegg stars as the main caracter Shaun who is in a dead end job with a girlfriend that is fed up with going to the Winchester (Local Pub) every evening, and eventually breaks up with him for it. Nick Frost the humble, wise cracking side-kick is always by Shaun’s side cracking jokes and always there to help him out in his time of need as it shows in said Zombie attack, though all he does is mooch at shauns house and the only income he has is where he sells a bit of Pot here and there. All in all this is a VERY VERY VERY entertaining film for all the family that dont have weak stomachs...

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Jay and Silent Bob Strike back

I love this movie, Comedy masterpiece its just a shame not any of the movies after this one (2001) were any good for example Clerks II wasn’t the best film in the world. Jay and Silent Bob’s stoned adventures were another punch in the face to society that one of the reasons why i found it so funny. Another reason this film is so funny is the whity catchphrases “Snoogins, Nooche and Boo Boo Titty Fuck” i love it. I dont think there was any downside to this movie at all, Humor, Stoners, Girls What more can you want This is a 5 star movie in my opinion Must...

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Another one of the great Kevin Smith writen and directed masterpieces, this is probably the best one of them all. Its got a great plot Two guys (Brodie – Jason Lee & T.S – Jeremy London) both get dumped by there girlfriends (Brandi Svenning – Claire Forlani & Rene – Shannon Doherty). So where do they hang out THE FUCKING MALL. Its also a great place for Jay and Silent Bob to pop into the picture with more great adventures. Kevin Smith has done himself and the whole Jay and Silent bob Franchise honor in this...

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Well this for me was a very disappointing film to watch belive me this was NOT sacha baron cohen’s worse flick *Cough* -Bruno- but this film has its good points and bad points the whity comments are funny “its nice” and “High Five” are all funny and memorable jokes and catch phrases but the plot was just terrible …. really really terrible but none the less it made hundreds and thousands off of the opening night and dvd sales and tv spots so it cannot of been that bad for them i suppose i give this film a 3 stars at the...

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