Shaun of the Dead

It’s time for me to admit that I’m one of those people who like to maintain some order within theirDVD collection. I’m not so far gone as to alphabetise them, but I do line my shelves in a specific genre order – horror leads into sci-fi, which leads into thriller and drama, then comedies, chick […]

The Illusionist

The Illusionist tells the story of a man, Edward (Edward Norton), who, at a young age, becomes interested in magic, and starts developing tricks and illusions. He meets a young woman, and kindles a relationship of sorts, meeting over the years to share magic secrets, planning an escape together. The young woman is a Duchess, […]

Running on Empty

In honour of Sidney Lumet I decided to review a really fabulous piece of cinema – Running on Empty (1988). The film won a Golden Globe for Best Screenplay, and is my personal Lumet favourite. River Phoenix gained an Academy Award nomination for his part in the film. He unfortunately did five years later outside […]

A Guide to Cinema Etiquette

I try to go the cinema at least once a week. I love the excitement before the movie, I love the candy shop, I even love waiting in line for the tickets. But what I love most of all (outside of the movie of course) is the trailers, the previews before the movie. Essentially, these […]


Sometimes you just don’t like a movie. You can’t exactly put your finger on the reason, nothing stands out dramatically. Perhaps it’s just the combination of several small details. That’s most likely the case with me and Red (2010). There isn’t any one major factor that I didn’t like; just a few small details. This […]


Does anyone else remember the original Mark Wahlberg? The Marky Mark that came not as a solo star but as a package, a Funky Bunch no less? Shooter (2007) places Wahlberg as far from that muscled rapper as possible, finally showing us a film which he can be proud of, a film that makes us […]


Anyone who, like me, has fond memories of the original Scream movie (1996), may have mixed feelings about the upcoming release of the latest in the line, Scream 4. I still remember my first viewing of Scream, way back when it first graced our screens. For many of the new generation of teens, it opened […]

The Boat That Rocked

“It’s 1966, the greatest era for British rock and roll, but BBC radio plays less than 45 minutes of pop music a day”. A simple statement like this sets the scene for this 1960s period movie about a pirate radio station anchored in the North Sea that broadcasts rock music to Britain on the illegal […]

“Suck” Review

Any film that includes the likes of Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins and Mobi gets me down right excited. Throw in a fresh new look at a vampire tale and you’ve got me hooked. Suck (2009) involves the story of rock band The Winners, whose current tour sees them fighting for their taste of […]

In Her Shoes

There is no bond quite like that of sisters. In Her Shoes (2005) is a fabulous example of the bond that only true sisters can share, a bond created through a lifetime of ups and downs. It follows the story of sisters Rose (Toni Collette) and Maggie (Cameron Diaz), who are two very different people. […]