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Ballet Shoes

This one, I watched on Netflix Instant play. I had heard lots of good reviews on it, and most reviewers assured me of its happy ending and heart warming tale.They lied. Ballet Shoes is the story of three orphan girls being raised by a women in a large house that belonged to an old man who disappeared a long, long time ago. Because of their state of poverty, they decide to enter the entertainment business to make a living. One becomes an actress, one a ballerina, and the last is mainly interested in flying planes…. Both the actress and the ballerina go through seasons of pride, anger, and selfishness. Although in the end everything turns out alright, barely any consequences on there behavior are shown. Everyone stays pretty much the same as they were in the beginning of the film, and we are left hanging about one characters illness. The children’s destinies seem likely to turn them into proud annoying peacocks; not to mention the romance is rather flaky and dry. It wasn’t a very long movie, but it seemed to take forever. The movie had no climax or momentum. I also found the bad audio and the British accents together made the dialogue very hard to understand. So, as you see, I would not recommend this one to rent, even if Emma Watson is in...

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The Princess and The Frog

Everyone knows, that if a princess kisses  one of those green slimy frogs in the fairy tales, she is sure to get a prince from it; But what if something went wrong… What if someone other then a princess kissed the frog… Would something go wrong? That is exactly the question answered in Disney’s twisted version  of the fairy tale “The Princess and the Frog” The story takes place in New Orleans, the home of jazz, steam boats, and the Mississippi. Because of this switch from Fairy Tale lands of long, long ago, the story is unique from all of the Disney Princess movies. It makes sense that Disney is exploring new ground, but the problem with this setting was the fact that the true fairy tale magic was gone, and replaced with voodoo and jazz music…. I know. Not that I didn’t like that, its just not exactly what I would label a “classic” Disney Princess movie. Now that you get the idea, here’s what I thought about the movie over all. There is nothing more fun then Jazz music! Disney has always succeeded in pairing tasteful music with each story, and that still holds with Princess and the Frog. Princess Tiana, is not really a princess in the beginning, so she had a real, personal character that you could connect to better. She had realistic dreams, disappointments,...

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Alice In Wonderland

This is the story of an older Alice who returns to Wonderland long after her trip as a young girl, and mixes with the book “Alice and Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass.” Directed by Tim Burton it is an artsy and rather dark tale compared to the whimsical story by Lewis Carol. Some people loved it, some people hated it. It depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for an eye opening film that goes skin deep, you probably won’t find it here; but if you’re looking for great entertainment with laughs, epic 3D, and great characters, Alice and Wonderland is definitely for you.As I came out of the theater I felt very content. No life change, but it was a very enjoyable movie. Beautiful score by Danny Elfman, and Johnny Depp and the rest of the cast were all great. So entertainment wise, you will really enjoy the...

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I hadn’t watched Babe since I was at least 4. I really didn’t remember any of it. I figured, everyone else liked it.Sitting down to watch it was one of the biggest mistakes that day. I sat/napped through the whole thing. It had a watery plot, with the same “animal rights” message as Charlotte’s Web, but not half as good.  It wasn’t very sweet, and the voice talents were only so-so.  It depicted animal life a little harsher then I’d like to see. I’m not going to call it “dark and frightening”, but it had a little more peril then I was expecting for an talking animal movie.The whole thing had to many characters, making it hard to connect to the individuals and form an audience and screen relationships. And there were titles for every scene. Maybe its an old movie thing, but they really broke it up. The good things about this movie were the few scenes where the man was alone in the farmhouse with the pig, bonding with him, and realizing what a special pig he has. The farmers part was played well, and I thank the actor for saving the movie. Other then that, it was a little to frightening for the younger crowd,  and a little to boring for the older crowd. Looking for a good farm animal movie? Try Charlotte’s Web...

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The Shop Around the Corner

The Shop Around The Corner from 1940,  is the movie that writers remade into  “You’ve Got Mail”  in 1998. I’ve seen both movies now, and The Shop Around The Corner was certainly the better of the two.  It had so much more charm and drama then “You’ve Got Mail”.  Starring James Stewart, it did not lack talented actors. It had the perfect balance of romance, drama, and humor. With great characters, and a strong plot, it’s certainly something to add to your...

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