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Batman: The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight reunites Christian Bale who is Bruce Wayne/Batman with Christopher Nolan in their follow up from Batman Begins. One year after Batman Begins we see some familiar faces such as L.T Jim Gordon played by Gary Oldman and a new face in the new district attorney Harvey Dent played by Aaron Eckhart they team up with Batman to eliminate organized crime in Gotham in this action drama summer film.As these three begin their crusade against organized crime they prove to be effective that is until they find themselves ¬†at the mercy of the unrelenting psychopath known as The Joker played by Heath Ledger. The Joker is a criminal of Gotham who cannot be bought, doesn’t want money, doesn’t want power, but simply wants to spread a message of panic and fear. He has become an agent of chaos causing anarchy through Gotham believing that everyone good can be corrupted while pushing ¬†Batman on the edge to crossing the line between being a hero or vigilante.The Dark Knight goes far beyond to just being a comic book movie this is great film writing at its best with oscar award winning performances from every actor in this. Everyone’s dialogue was almost perfect one character who I believed to have some of the best dialogue I believe was overlooked because of Heath Ledger’s Joker performance was Michael Caine who played...

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Sex And The City 2: Comments

Sex And The City 2, this movie was probably the worst movie I have seen all year these are the type of people who if were real would really make other countries hate America even more this movie literally bothered me and left me feeling disgusted and it had me wondering as to why are people attracted to these materialistic disgusting women this movie is like a fantasy for a certain type of women where they do everything always together and in the middle of nowhere they drop everything leave their jobs and fly over to Abu Dhabi where they just become very one dimensional there either complaining about their problems which they do nothing to solve and there just being ignorant Americans by criticizing Abu Dhabi’s culture and seeking other people’s homosexuality it just seemed like they were targeting gay people wherever they went i think the director was really forcing this movie to target its gay audience which is not wrong at all but don’t force it especially in Abu Dhabi where they meet like a gay guy whose like almost cartoonish I didn’t even know the religion down in the middle east allowed someone to be this out and opened with their homosexuality but apparently in this move there are no rules and boundaries I’m not gay but if I were I would be offended by...

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