Fast Five-Review

                Fast and the furious five are back and faster than ever. The main trio, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel), Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker) and Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) are working another theft job with Dom’s old friend, Vince (Matt Schulze)-who setup the job-are double crossed when their lives are intentionally  put in danger during the […]

The Switch-Review

            There comes a time in a woman’s life when she realizes that her biological time clock is ticking. Whether she’s married, dating, or single, having a baby becomes top priority. For instance, Kassie Larson (Jennifer Aniston) is a single, successful career woman is ready to take the big step into motherhood, through sperm donation. […]


            All is well and normal in Pennsylvania, until a conductor at a freight train station makes a terrible mistake that could result in the death of many lives and communities. Dewey (Ethan Suplee) is pressured from his boss to start transporting the cargo on his train. The tracks in front lead in a different […]

Scream 4-Review

            Finally, the last installment of Scream is out starting off with Cindy Prescott (Neve Campbell) as a best-selling author on a book tour; writing about moving beyond the negative past and push forward towards a positive outlook on the present and future. Cindy and her publicist stop by her home town, which also marks […]

127 Hours-Review

            Wouldn’t we all like to have one week of adventure? To travel on the open road, to leave the stress of our lives back at home, to be alone with only nature, God and our essence to occupy our entertainment and sense of being. Aron Ralston (James Franco) felt just that while biking and […]


                Some people are doctors, lawyers, dentists, and teachers or have careers that make a difference in other people’s lives. Well for Jesse Attica (Chris Brown), A.J. (Hayden Christensen), Jake Attica (Michael Ealy), Gordon Jennings (Idris Elba) and John Rahway (Paul Walker), also make a difference in other people’s lives, a deficit financial difference. They […]


Where’s the best place to go into hiding from the government? Is it a foreign country, a fox hole, your aunt Tootsie’s basement? No, for Erik (Eric Bana) and his daughter Hanna (Saoirse Ronan), it is the forest, but why are they hiding? This film starts off with Hanna hunting for food and Erik putting […]


Renai and Josh Lambert and their three children are getting settled into their new home, four bedrooms, a large living room and a spacious attic. Josh is off to work as a teacher and Renai is at home working as a composer.  During a work session, Renai begins to hear voices on the baby monitor, […]

The Social Network-Review

Can you imagine becoming a billionaire as a result from a nasty breakup? Neither did Mark Zukerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) when his girlfriend broke up with him because of his awkward personality. This college-experience tragedy results in Mark going back to his dorm to post malicious comments on his blog about her while also creating a […]

The Next Three Days-Review

What would you do if your wonderful life is suddenly ruined in less than a minute? Would break the law to get it back? These, among others, were the questions John Brennnan (Russell Crowe) asks himself. Going through their everyday normal routine of eating breakfast together and while capturing special moments on camera, comes up […]