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The Darkest Hour-Review

            Sean (Emilie Hirsch) and Ben (Max Minghella) travel to Moscow to meet with Skylar (Joel Kinnaman) to discuss their successful partnership with the website Ben created but only to receive bad news as soon as they walk in the door. Photographer Anne (Rachael Taylor) and her assistant Natalie (Olivia Thirlby) are on holiday and are living it up with tours and nightclubs. While Sean and Ben let out some steam in a nightclub, they run into Anne and Natalie and enjoy the night with drinks, jokes and laughs. The party quickly dies when yellow bright lights fall from the sky and everyone moves outside to examine it. Then someone steps closer to touch the light only to combust into ashes. The people shatter and scream as each person is caught by the light. Sean, Ben, Anne, Natalie and Skylar run inside to the club’s food shelter and try to come up with a plan to avoid the light that can track energy.   Review:            Well, I wasn’t rushing to watch this film in theaters because one can pretty much guess the whole layout and ending of the film; in which I was right. The aliens are made of energy and can only track electric pulses reminding me of the movie Predator; nothing special there.  There wasn’t a standout character because they were all clichés: Sean voluntarily took charged...

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Don’t be afraid of the dark-Review

            Kim (Katie Holmes) and Alex (Guy Pearce) are restoring the old Blackwood mansion in hopes of getting on the cover of a popular architect magazine to begin their career as known architects. Alex’s daughter, Sally Hurst (Bailee Madison) is sent from her mother’s home in LA to live with them to help cope with her antisocial personality. On a normal day to avoid his father and his girlfriend, Sally ventures around the property and finds that the house has a hidden basement. When Sally tells the others, only one refuses to allow the basement to open, who is the grandson of Blackwood and he knows that a dark secret is hidden inside. Once open, Sally starts to hear voices calling her name and asking to play with her but she has to release them from their confinement. Sally quickly regrets her decision when they purposely injury someone and that she is next. After many failed attempts of convincing Alex and Kim of what is happening, she is alone in a lost battle until Kim does some research and tries to get her out of the house. Will Kim be able to save her? What will happen to Alex? Why do the creatures only want Sally? Will Kim sacrifice her life for a girl she barely knows?  Review:            Upon first watching the trailer, I was ecstatic to see Katie...

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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol-Review

            While on a mission to finish a late agent’s task, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is thought to have caused a terrorist bombing of the Kremlin. IMF, the company Ethan works for, is disavowed. The President of the United States declares Ghost Protocol, cutting all of the resources for Ethan and his team and is to report back to the US for a court hearing. With the help of the Secretary of State, Ethan escapes to uncover the unknown terrorist. Along the way, Ethan discovers that the terrorist plan is to declare a nuclear war on the US. Will they find and stop him? Will Ethan clear his name? Is this mission just too impossible to complete?   Review:   I love this movie. It literary has non-stop high power action from scene to scene. Say what you want about Tom but he can make an action movie look awesome. I love the characters connections to one another: Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg), the computer guy is on his first mission and frantically questions Ethan if he is doing everything right. William Brandt (Jeremy Renner), the analyst forced to work with the team when his boss dies and living with a secret burden towards Ethan. Finally, the beautiful and tough Jane Carter (Paula Patton) who is out to avenge her lover and fallen agent. I love and love watching Jane fight....

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The Change Up-Review

Mitch Planko (Ryan Reynolds) and Dave Lockwood (Jason Bateman) have been close friends since grammar school. Their friendship deferred in opposite directions when Dave becomes a lawyer and is married with three children. Mitch becomes a struggling actor who has countless liaisons with different women while he waits for his big break. On a boys night out, Mitch and Dave take a bathroom break at a park fountain while they pour their hearts out about how they envy each other’s lives and wishes to trade places. The next morning, their wish comes true: Dave wakes up to a junky bachelor pad in Mitch’s body and Mitch wakes up to screaming children in Dave’s. When they try to go back to the fountain to reverse the wish, they find it has been moved and will not know the location for a couple days until it shows up in the system. Can they live each other’s lives? Will Mitch get Dave fired from the firm? Will Dave cheat on his wife for a little freedom or to maintain appearance?    Review:               First and foremost, Ryan does not need to be in comedy in any shape or form from not until the end of his days. He is not a funny guy, not even the writers can help him make me laugh. His roles of playing the arrogant jerk are...

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Sherlock Holmes:A game of shadows-Review

            Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr.) is adjusting to life without his best mate Watson (Jude Law) and the minuet pile of cases to solve by creating a jungle in his study and doing continuous life threatening experiments on Watson’s dog. During Watson’s bachelor party, Holmes runs into a gipsy fortune-teller named Sim (Noomi Rapace) and discovers that her life is in danger. Holmes is on the case when he digs deeper and uncovers that Sim’s brother is involved in a political assassination plot. Interrupting Watson’s honeymoon, Holmes drags him along for assistance. Will Holmes crack the case? Who is the mastermind behind the assassination plot?   Review:              Well, I enjoyed this film to a certain extent. I thought that the plot was written well along with the climax. I love Holmes’ psychotic and brilliant character and Watson tolerance of him because he cares. I did get sleepy during the viewing because there were just too much talking and too much explanation of plans and theories. It was like listening to a one tone bass sound without any tempo. When the action scene did come, it was mediocre. If you have seen the first movie, you would know that there is a scene in which Sherlock is boxing and mentally predicts his opponent’s movements and correlates them to his counterattack. He does that once too often in this...

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