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            The world knows about Lycans and vampires and declares their abilities to be a disease. With the military and government for support, they begin to search and kill both species. Selene (Kate Beckinsale) is fighting for her life and her love, Michael, but the force of an explosion separates them and puts them unconscious. Twelve years later, Selene has been held captive at a research facility. All records of Lycan and vampire are extinct. Selene sees random images through someone else’s eyes and finds out that that person is named Eve (India Eisley). Eve is a lab child and the facility plan to capture her after her escape. Selene must not only look for Michael but protect an orphaned child. Will Selene find Michael? Is Eve more dangerous than the two species?    Review:              I’m on the fence with this film. I’ll start with parts that I liked: Eve’s hybrid transformation, the make-up is great. She looked like a modern day demon-possessed girl from the Exorcist. The killings were pretty cool. They were fast and lethal, leaving no prisoners or showing mercy. Action movies with slow-motion scenes are a thing of the past, the faster the better. I liked the twist at the end when I found out who the research scientists really were and no, I will not give it away. The special effects were fun...

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Paranormal Activity 3-Review

            The third installment of getting the crap scared out of you saturates the big screens yet again. Wedding filmmaker, Dennis (Christopher Nicholas Smith) has taken another step in a fresh relationship with Julie (Lauren Bittner) and her two daughters, Katie (Chloe Csengery) and Kristi (Jessica Tyler Brown) by moving into a new house. Dennis begins capturing fun and family moments but then begins to hear weird noises and sees strange figures around the house. He begins an investigation to see if it is the supernatural haunting him and his new family. Are they in danger? Are the spirits haunting after the children? Will Dennis die like Mica from part one when he discovers too much?  Review:            Well, when I first heard that they were making a part three, my first thought was, “Oh, come on, another one? Really?” I loved part one and was on the fence with part two because it just looked more Hollywood then a real documentary, so I didn’t rush to the theaters to view the third movie. I waited to rent it. Well, this film does have the same repetition as the other two, creepy noises either in the middle of the night or during the quiet daytime. The flash of, “was that something in the corner?” appeared a couple of times. But this film did have a twist, well, more like an...

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            Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) and a schoolmate, Karen (Lily Collins) are working on a school assignment for their sociology class when they come across a missing person’s site that shows updated photos of lost children. Nathan is horror-struck when he sees his photo and grows greatly suspicious of the people he has lived with for fifteen that he thought were his parents.  The same night of his discovery, two henchmen attack his parents trying to get to Nathan and chase starts. Why are people chasing him? Was he kidnapped as a child and his parents are the bad guys?  Review:             Well, I was disappointed while viewing this film. When I would see the trailers, I believed that Taylor could be the next Jason Statham but I was horribly wrong. I was also happy to see him trying to make a name for himself-after Twilight-as serious actor starting with a good action flick. Yet again, I was horribly mistaken. This film had bad acting, bad script, fake love interests and boring action scenes. There were many times during Nathan’s emotional moments where he would just and only frown with not a single tear fall, making it non-believable. How can an actor not know how to cry? Where is the director with the fake tears? His connection with Lily always looked awkward and too long. Every scene seemed like...

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Straw Dogs-Review

            TV actress Amy Sumner (Kate Bosworth) and her screenwriter husband David (James Marsden) take a break from the busy life in LA and move into Amy’s childhood house in Mississippi. The couple hires Amy’s old friends including an old boyfriend to help renovate the house. The townspeople declare David an uptight rich guy who is married to the town’s beauty the moment they step foot in town. With David trying to focus on his writing despite the loud music coming from the men’s radio while they hammer outside, the men also start to visibly harass Amy during her workout routines. The tension between Amy and David increases when they find her house cat dead in their closet. Being on guard, they make a plan of drastic measures if something else happens. One evening the town’s drunk is in search of his daughter who is forbidden but hangs around a mentally challenged man. The man ends up at Amy and David’s house. The drunk and the men arrive there with guns and liquor in hands ready to take vengeance if the girl is not found. What will Amy and David do? Will they kill the mentally challenged man? What happened to the girl? Will David take measures into his own hands to protect his wife?  Review:              I must say that I like this film for the wrong and...

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Mr. Popper’s Penguin-Review

              Mr. Popper (Jim Carrey) is at the top of his career with one step closer to becoming partner at his firm but at the bottom of his personal life with a divorced wife and two children who do not want to be around him. One day, Popper gets a package from his late father, who was a worldwide traveler, of a penguin. With a deadline approaching of obtaining a new client in order to get his promotion, Popper calls the delivery man who doesn’t speak a lot of English and sends him five more penguins. A short time later, he grows fond of the cold and loud creatures that also bring him closer to his kids and ex-wife.  Family bonding is cut short when a local zoo threatens to take away the penguins and scatter them at different zoos across the US. What will Popper do? Will lose the client and his family? Will the zoo get the penguins?    Review:                          This is a nice family film. It has kids-only laughs and the sentimental emotions for adults to appreciate family more. I always enjoy watching Jim’s overacting escapades and his “I’ve just got it” revelation face. There is usually a really bad guy in films like these but the only truly bad guy was Popper and his need to put work before family because he...

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