Super 8-Review

            Who says that one has to wait until that person finishes school to start fulfilling their life-long dream? Charles (Riley Griffiths) doesn’t when he starts casting and working on a film to submit to a film festival contest. In the small town of Ohio, Joe Lamb, (Joel Courtney)-the make-up guy, Carey (Ryan Lee)-the explosive […]

The mechanic-Revised Review

Usually when the word mechanic comes to mind, most think of a person who works on automobiles. This film gives mechanic a new definition; a hit man who makes a kill look as if either it was an accident, a suicide or a health issue and Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is a pro at it. […]

The Mechanic-Review

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I am number four-Review

            Nine lives with special powers have escaped from their planet to live on Earth and stay in hiding from their planet’s immortal enemies, who have followed them. The threats are killing each escapee one by one and in order, which is where the story starts when they finish off number three. John Smith (Alex […]

Death Race 2-Review

            What do fast cars, locked up violent criminals, and a T.V. show all have in common? Horrendous deaths with millions of people viewing the action and having dangerous inmates kill to get out. Carl Lucas (Luke Goss) and his team are on a robbery job for his boss, Markus Kane (Sean Bean), which should […]

X-Men:First Class-Review

                This movie is the story of how X-Men was formed. It starts off with twelve year old Xavier (Professor X) meets Raven (Mystique) and the forming of their friendship growing up. Then the story turns to Young Erik (Magneto) and a tragedy moment creates internal hatred that later create Magneto. Years later, Xavier graduates […]

So Close-Review

            How would you avenge your parents’ deaths that were killed by assassins? You become one, of course. Lynn (Shu Qui) and her little sister, Yen (Seoung-Heon Song) are professional assassins, who sneeks in to kill their target and leave quietly home to enjoy a slice of cake from their favorite bakery. Lynn does the […]


            What happens when your childhood best friend gets engaged and wants you to be her maid-of-honor? You try to make her day as perfect as possible, but events don’t go as planned for Annie (Kristen Wiig), the maid. At the bride’s, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), and groom’s engagement party, Annie finds competition with one of […]


                Who dares to challenge the power of Thor, the god of Thunder? Odin (Anthony Hopkins), Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) father does when he casts out Thor from planet Asgod. Thor is to live on Earth until he can learn to control his destructive behavior, which is the cause of war started against the frost giants […]

Wild Target-Review

                What do you do with a guy who stops another from killing you? You hire him as a body guard of course.  Victor Maynard (Bill Nighy) is a successful lonely assassin and is perfectly contempt with this type of lifestyle; problem is his is getting older and his mother is pressuring him to find […]