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The Book of Life (2014)

  Halloween is a typical holiday where things tend to be a bit on the scary side. Then there’s the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday similar to Halloween, but with a more remembrance and focus on those who are gone from the world. And Hollywood is known for releasing films that are focused on Halloween; not so much on the Day of the Dead. Enter “The Book of Life”, a great animated film that is perfect for the season. We need more films like this, and hopefully, in the wake (no pun intended) of this movie’s release, we will see more soon. “The Book of Life” is an extraordinary animated film that will hopefully gain younger audiences to learn more about the holiday known as the Day of the Dead.  The plot involves a love triangle between three people. We have Manolo (Diego Luna), a bullfighter who wants to be a musician, and Joaquin (Channing Tatum), an egotistical soldier. Together, they are in love with Maria (Zoe Saldana), and try to win her heart. This is all part of a wager between two spirits, to see who will marry Maria first. Even if that means Manolo will travel to The Land of the Remembered to win Maria’s heart. “The Book of Life” is a fantastic animated film that needs to be seen. The story is simple, yet...

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Persepolis (2007)

 The Middle East, in more recent years, is starting to become a place full of violent content. Everywhere one looks, there is a sense of fear and terror throughout, making it impossible to stay or even live. So getting a documented look at the place is tricky. Luckily, we have the 2007 animated feature “Persepolis” to show how life in the Middle East is uncomfortable. Based on the graphic novel of the same name by Marjane Satrapi, who also co-directs the movie, this breathtaking film showcases how strong animation can be for adults, and make something brilliant in return. “Persepolis” is a gritty look at how one woman saw through her eyes the radical changes of her country. The story is told as an autobiographical tale of Marjane and her life growing up in Iran as a girl, and eventually as a woman in Europe. Unfortunately, Marjane sees many terrible things happen along the way. Things like the Islamic Revolution, the war between Iran and Iraq, being a foreigner in a new place, and many more. So, Marjane must adapt to the changes of society as she grows up into a woman trying to find her identity in this crazy world. “Persepolis” is a fantastic film worthy of watching multiple times. As stated before, the story is an autobiographical piece of work, with a few fictional elements thrown in....

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

 Oh, Michael Bay. First you ruin modern horror films. Then, you ruin a toy line from the 80s four times now. And now, you’re getting flack for taking a beloved comic book/cartoon, also from the 80s, and making it into a more realistic film. That property being “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, an idea so stupid, it worked. Now with this modern retelling, how has Bay screwed this one up? The answer: not really. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” from Michael Bay definitely strays from its source material, but, it’s fun nonetheless. The story involves a reporter named April O’Neil (Megan Fox) who discovers four genetically altered turtles who are named after the Italian Renaissance masters trying to stop a a businessman and a robot named Shredder from destroying New York. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is technically a bad film. So, let’s get the negative aspects out of the way first. First off: the story. Based on the comic by Eastman and Laird, the film adaptation does a terrible job at providing the backstory for our main heroes, as well as a generic plot that we have seen before. But, hey, it’s a popcorn flick, so what? The cast is all right, but nothing to spectacular. Especially from Fox who plays one of the most well-known damsels in distress. Another gripe is that the filmmakers totally forgot to include one of...

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Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

 Every once in a while, there comes along a movie that makes the viewer go “That was for me.” This film definitely is the case for 2004’s surprise hit “Napoleon Dynamite”. This little film became a phenomenon during that summer, as pretty much everyone saw it and fell in love with it. But why? There many reasons behind that question; probably too many to give a definitive answer, yet the one that comes off the top of my head is that it represents high school to a good effect. Though there are some problems with the movie, it still has a reputation of something that needs to be seen at least once in your lifetime. “Napoleon Dynamite” is one of those movies that is for a certain audience, as well as being a good comedy to go along as well. The story involves an awkward teenager named Napoleon (Jon Heder) whose life just wants to go smoothly, for the most part. Napoleon has his brother Kip (Aaron Ruell) and his uncle Rico (Jon Gries) getting in the way. He also has two friends that are exactly like him named Pedro (Efren Ramirez) and Deb (Tina Majorino). So when it comes to making friends dances, and even running school elections, Napoleon must use his skills to gain popularity. “Napoleon Dynamite” is, first and foremost a great comedy. The writing by...

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The Absent-Minded Professor (1961)

Back in the 1960s, Walt Disney had produced some interesting films of a creative nature. One of these being the 1961 comedy “The Absent-Minded Professor”. Despite being over 50 years old, the film is still good after all these years. However, there are a few things that do not work which need to be discussed. “The Absent-Minded Professor” is a unique family film that brings to mind the originality of the Walt Disney Company. The story is that Prof. Ned Brainard (Fred MacMurray) has invented a new type of energy that could change the world as we know it. He creates a substance that is he classifies as flying rubber, or flubber as he puts it. This ultimately costs Brainard his fiancee Betsy (Nancy Olsen) to break up with him after he misses their wedding for the third time. Brainard tries to explain flubber to Betsy, as well as the United States government, but they won’t listen. So it’s up to Brainard to demonstrate to the world and to Betsy, the positive effects of what flubber can do. “The Absent-Minded Professor” is an entertaining movie for the whole family to enjoy. Fred MacMurray does a great job as our main character. Everyone else does a good job as well Even Keenan Wynn who plays the bad guy does a great job. The music fits the college setting fine, and...

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