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Happy Feet Two, a Mr. E Movie Review

High quality animation, a star studded cast, and the coolest little dancers Antarctica has to offer. That’s what you can expect from Warner Bros. Happy Feet Two as it hits theaters this weekend. When Erik, the son of Mumbles (voiced by Elijah Wood) and Gloria (voiced by P!nk), has trouble realizing his talents as a dancing member of his penguin family, he sets out to join Ramone, voiced by legendary comedian Robin Williams, on a journey to find somewhere new that he can feel at home. Meanwhile, the sudden moving of giant glacier blocks off the only entrance to their penguin home, trapping the population and threatening their survival. Along the way the adventurers find a flying penguin, Ramone falls for the Sofia Vergara-voiced Carmen, and saving a giant elephant seal pays off big time. If you have kids, this one is a no-brainer. The toe tapping music alone had my girls dancing in there seats on more than one occasion. As far as pacing and story line goes, while it’s not heavy on plot, it does hit the mark for what it is, a family movie meant to entertain all ages. Robin Williams is at his best. He steals every scene he’s in with another one of his typical bigger-than-life performances. Oh, and there’s a subplot to the story about a couple of krill, voiced by Brad Pitt...

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The Sitter, a Mr. E Movie Review

This weekend, “The Sitter” smacked movie-goers in the face. The previews make the film look like it might be a fun remake of the 1980’s cult classic, “Adventures in Babysitting” and that it’s suitable for kids. And while it may resemble that film’s theme, “The Sitter” is in no way, shape, or form suitable for kids. Right from the moans in the opening scene, the film’s gratuitous adult themes will have you shielding the eyes of the innocent. And that’s only part of what’s wrong with this movie. We’ll get to that in a moment. Jonah Hill stars as a sloppy college dropout who gets guilted into babysitting the neighbor kids when his mother gets set up on a date for the first time since her divorce. The trio of misfit kids he’s asked to watch include a panic-attack-in-waiting, a preteen Paris Hilton wannabe, and a pyro from south of the border. While on duty, his user of a girlfriend convinces him that she’s finally ready to reciprocate their one-sided sexual relationship. She gets him to round up the kids, steal a van, and buy her drugs for their rendezvous. Now let the somewhat believable madness begin. The problem with “The Sitter” is in the writing. Other than the unneeded use of in-your-face sex and crass language, the film does have a few good laughs. Unfortunately, they’re overshadowed by...

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The Immortals, a Mr. E Movie Review

The previews for Tarsem Singh’s “Immortals” were anything but impressive. The attempt to ride the established success of such films as “300” was an obvious objective. Unfortunately, Immortals is not in the same class. The back story: a thousand years ago, after a great war, the titans were imprisoned by the Greek gods. Now, King Hyperion, played by the enigmatic Mickey Rourke, is on a rampage, destroying everything in sight. He searches for the mythical bow that can release the titans and destroy the gods who let him down in life. Henry Cavill, the actor chosen to be the next Superman, plays Theseus, a mortal man who has been secretly mentored his whole life by a disguised Zeus. When his village is attacked and he suffers a great personal loss, he leads the fight against Hyperion. The story does have several cool elements to it and visually the finished product is satisfying. You just have to endure a drawn-out setup before getting any of the payoff. While Cavill is lukewarm in his hero role, Mickey Rourke is on fire. Rourke does the evil protagonist so well that it kind of stinks that the rest of the film is so mediocre. “Immortals” can be summed up as last year’s “Clash of the Titans” meets “300” sprinkled with elements from “The Cell.” Not horrible, but not destined for cinematic immortality. For...

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part One, a Mr. E Movie Review

Breaking Dawn? It’s more like Breaking Bella, in half!When they announced ticket sales for the midnight showing of the latest installment of the uber-popular Twilight series I, as a film critic, felt ambivalent. Was it really going to be worth the hassle to take in this chapter at such a hyped event? The simple answer is yes. Actually, it might have even helped itself to seem more grandiose now that I sit here writing my take on the Edward vs. Jacob drama. This time we begin with the wedding of the millennia. The one all the Twi-hards have been waiting for, may I introduce Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cullen. As I sat there in the dark I heard it all. One girl whispered she was going to Tweet about Bella’s shoes while a row of mom’s appeared to be crying. From the nightmare before the wedding to the comical toasts after it I have to agree with the Facebook posts that say it lived up to fan expectations. While the honeymoon was a nice departure from the teenie-bopper into the adult I found it interesting that a vampire could kill a human woman if they had intercourse. (I guess they’d literally break them? Is that the hidden meaning behind the title? If so, why are they calling Bella’s lady part’s Dawn? I digress.) The unexpected a previously believed to...

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Footloose (2011), a Mr. E Movie Review

When settling down to take in the newest Hollywood remake of yet another eighties semi-hit the feeling of uncertainty is only accompanied by the smell of popcorn. My daughter’s seem unusually excited for this one as do the various groups teenagers that surround us. I think I’m going to save my accolades for post feature. What the buzz online is telling me is that this remake is better than the original. Which in my opinion isn’t going to be hard. (Sorry Kevin Bacon.) A little about the movie for those of you who don’t know. After a horrific car accident kills five beloved high school seniors the towns overly religious and strict law makers ban dancing for anyone under 18 years old. After three years the town’s teens have resorted to kicking up their heels at secret impromptu party’s at the local drive in. That is until a mysterious newcomer moves to town from Boston and turns the town, pardon the cliche, upside down. Boyfriends, lawmakers, and the church all get challenged in the process of the dance revolution. Alright, I have to admit it…Footloose is an entertaining and genuinely fun movie going experience. The fresh new actors gave it authenticity while the few veteran players made it feel like home. I can honestly say that the flow of the storyline and upbeat, yet surprisingly realistic dance scenes made...

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