Movie Review – ‘The Lorax’ shows its colors through numbers

  An orange glow? No matter where you come from or what you were into as a kid, the name Dr. Seuss is one we all know.  Sure, maybe some more than others, but it’s still a name that has crossed over generations and will continue to. For a long time, Dr. Seuss was a […]

Movie Review – ‘Act of Valor’ shows its Navy colors through reality

Setting the scene– More and more these days in Hollywood, we are starting to see directors take an idea and infuse a whole lot of realistic values into it. Sometimes more and sometimes less, but either way it’s a unique way of telling a story that otherwise might not have been as raw or exciting. […]

Movie Review – A thrilling return for ‘Sherlock Holmes- A Game of Shadows’

  Is bigger really better?  In Hollywood, many think so given the enormous amount of big budget films that are grossly over produced. Sorry ladies, if you thought this review was going somewhere else.  Anyway, the fact of the matter is, with any “popcorn” flick, you will get a fare share of action sequences and […]

Movie Review – ‘Young Adult’ proves age is nothing but a number

  Unknown and unwarranted – Believe it or not, some ideas never make it to the big screen. Shocking, I know, especially when garbage like “Jack and Jill” is out in theaters, but it’s true. Some writers and producers never get that shot, no matter how talented they may or may not be.  So, it’s […]

Movie Review – ‘Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ provides a nonstop holiday thrill ride

  Four of a kind – It’s not often an action series gets to number four. And I think the key word out of that is ‘action,’ as very few series including “Bond” can completely claim ‘action’ as their genre of choice. In fact, outside of the current “Mission: Impossible” series, the only action-laced series […]

Movie Review – ‘The Muppets’ reinvent the lost magic

  An oldie but goodie – There’s something to be said about just having a good time at the movies.  All too often nowadays, we get caught up with all the publicity and buzz that goes along with Hollywood films.  So, it’s nice to go to the theater and see a genuine story on the […]

Movie Review – ‘J. Edgar’ an intriguing mix of history and wonder

  Historical fiction – Over the years we have seen many biographical films come and go; some more true than others, but in them all lies one common goal, telling a story that many of us never knew.  Sure, those obsessed with history or in this case, the F.B.I., might know more, but the rest […]

Movie Review – A ‘Drive’ like no other

  Ride out – Taking chances in life is one of those things in life no one talks about and while there are many reasons why that is, it’s something that can be worthwhile. Sure, there are many different levels of doing so, but for the most part the more chances you take, the more […]

Movie Review – ‘The Ides of March’ is one crafty political thriller

  Politics under fire – Outside of psychological thrillers, probably my favorite type of film’s to watch are those centered on or around politics. For some reason, I can’t stay away, no matter the topic or underlying message.  So, I guess in a way, I’m like all those people that tune into Rush Limbaugh and […]

Movie Review – ‘Tower Heist’ finds a way to steal your attention

  Comedic energy – It’s not often you have action and comedy and it actually works. Yeah, plenty have tried over the years, but most fail producing a picture that falls short in all the important areas.  For that reason, no one ever takes this genre seriously which is why I too never gave “Tower […]

Movie Review – A suprisingly fresh “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”

  Overdone or under hyped? You know its summer when we find ourselves watching apes on the big screen. No other time during the year would dare feature such a spectacle, but for all the possible downfalls “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” could have featured, I have a hard time coming up with […]

Movie Review – The wild, wild, west gets even wilder in “Cowboys & Aliens”

  A western on steroids? For years we have watched one western after another come and go without much fanfare. One reason for this is the fact westerns kind of stopped after our parent’s generation. Sure, some have made a name for themselves, like the Coen brothers, but that’s very few and far between.  And […]

“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2″ goes out on a high

One grand finale – It’s hard to believe this is the final chapter for the incredible “Harry Potter” series. But, it has been 10 years and while some might be happy to finally see this series go, others will miss it terribly.  And who could blame them, given its taken seven stories and eight films […]

Movie Review – “Winnie the Pooh” shows reading in a whole new light

  Rumble in the tummy – For every hi-tech animated kid’s film that has come out recently, this one is for you. Contrary to popular opinion, not every project requires a ridiculous budget and seamless CGI animation. So, to see Disney Animation take their beloved “Winnie the Pooh” series and give it this fresh yet […]

Movie Review – It’s not hard to laugh at the truth exposed in “Horrible Bosses”

  You know the type – Everyone has had at least one in their adult “working” life. The only question is, will they admit it? I guess if you still are working for that boss, you may not want to admit it for fear of it somehow getting back to that person. But, for those […]

Movie Review – Zooming right along with “Cars 2″

  Been there, conquered that – For everything that Pixar Animation has done the past 16 years in film, the one thing they have succeeded with the most is originality. It’s rare to find a studio that doesn’t dial up sequels every chance they get, so the fact “Cars 2” only marks the second series […]

DVD Review – “Charlie Wilson’s War” (2007)

Politics and war just never seem to go away, do they? No matter what phase ends and which one begins, chatter always seems to linger making my DVD pick this week all the more meaningful. Because lets face it, when it comes to any film surrounding these two dynamic topics, being short on words is […]

Movie Review – Hard to tell if these “Pirates” are sinking or swimming

  Strange Days – Well, I never thought it go this far. But, four films and $3 billion dollars later, this series is on its way as becoming quite the juggernaut. And at the helm is none other than Johnny Depp, who by this point might as well be known as Jack Sparrow.  I mean, […]