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The Heat (2013)

The Heat is an interesting if not necessarily good, funny, or action-packed film. In that way, I suppose it’s a lot like Paul Feig’s last directorial effort, Bridesmaids, save for the “action-packed” part, as Bridesmaids didn’t aim to have action. Both films take a predominantly male-focused genre — raunchy comedy in the case of Bridesmaids […]

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Late Spring (1949)

A wonderfully contemplative and beautiful film, Late Spring comes to us from one of Japan’s greatest directors, Yasujiro Ozu. It appears on the surface to be simple — there isn’t a whole lot to it, or so it looks — but it is as effective a character study as can be achieved in the cinema. […]

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300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

It took eight years but a follow-up to 300 has finally come to us in the form of 300: Rise of an Empire. I don’t know if anybody still wants this — I like to think that we’ve matured in eight years and realize that 300 wasn’t that good, even with all of its internet […]

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No Clue (2013)

There aren’t many comedic detective movies coming out nowadays. Granted, there aren’t many detective movies in the first place, but having them contain a sense of humor is even rarer. No Clue, filmed and set in Vancouver, Canada, is such a film. It is a riot. It is hilarious, clever, and marks a promising theatrical […]

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Out of Sight (1998)

Over the course of his life, Jack Foley (George Clooney) has robbed over 200 banks. He has done this all without a gun. The film’s opening scene has him easily rob a bank, only to be foiled when his car decides not to start. Some time later, he manages to escape, but only with a […]

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A.C.O.D. (2013)

More people now than ever before are getting divorced from their significant other. What is the statistic at now? 50%? More than that? Regardless, “together forever” apparently no longer means either. A.C.O.D., which stands for “Adult Children of Divorce” is a film that looks at how divorces impact children later on in life. If it […]

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Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead (2008)

It took seven years and a great deal of apathy, but in 2008 a sequel to Joy Ride was released, direct-to-DVD — because nothing inspires confidence like a late direct-to-video sequel. None of the previous cast returned, and even though one character is back, he’s been transformed into something that only kind of resembles the […]

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Joy Ride (2001)

Joy Ride is the type of thriller you want to see if you want to be scared. It lives up to its “thriller” genre title by having a filmmaker who knows how to build suspense and tension. It has been directed by John Dahl, and he understands that often waiting on something to happen is […]

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Weakness (2010)

The first few scenes are not positive ones for the protagonist of Weakness, an English teacher named Josh (Bobby Cannavale). In the first scene, he learns that his mother is dying of cancer. He is told he’ll now have to take care of his mentally impaired brother, Pete (Keith Nobbs). A couple of scenes later, […]

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Runner Runner (2013)

An inconsequential movie with so little on its mind that you might think it was created by a robot with no idea of what a person is outside of what it’s seen in bad movies, Runner Runner is a thriller in the loosest sense of the word. Suspense is not generated in this movie. The […]

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Popcorn (2007)

For movie buffs, working at a cinema sounds like a dream job. You get to talk movies all day, get into free screenings, and be around the product you love during working hours. It’s kind of surprising, then, that more films aren’t set inside the movie theater. I mean, doesn’t it seem as if filmmakers […]

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Elysium (2013)

A sci-fi actioner that has ambitions of saying something about more than a couple of hot-button issues currently facing the world — and the United States in particular — Elysium might be a disappointing follow-up to director Neil Blomkamp’s District 9, but that’s only because almost anything he did would be disappointing in comparison. Elysium […]

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Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning (2004)

Shot back-to-back with Ginger Snaps 2, Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning: The Beginning is a prequel set in the 1815 during a Canadian Winter. It once again stars Katharine Isabelle and Emily Perkins as Ginger and Brigitte, although these are the foremothers of the characters we’ve grown to know over the past two films. They […]

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Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed (2004)

Horror sequels almost always suffer in comparison to the original. It often gets worse the more installments are added on. Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed, only the first sequel to 2000′s Ginger Snaps, doesn’t match the lofty standards set by its predecessor but does enough differently that it’s worth seeing anyway. It’s one thing to do […]

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Ginger Snaps (2000)

A smart, funny, and scary movie about teenage werewolves, Ginger Snaps is possibly the epitome of the genre — better than all similar films before it and something to which films following it can aspire. This is a fantastic horror movie from start to finish, and it’s absolutely one that you should seek out. It […]

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The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman (2013)

If The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman had been a film that came out of the Hollywood studio system as opposed to the independent circuit, it would be safe to assume that it would be received as an ambitious project that was likely cut down due to meddling studios. It feels as if it’s missing […]

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Broken Flowers (2005)

Broken Flowers initially seems like it’s a mystery film. It will trick some viewers and then disappoint them by not providing answers. The film is not about the central mystery; it is simply a plot device used in order to both frame a journey and get its lead character off the couch and out into […]

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3 Days to Kill (2014)

A modest accomplishment that’s only successful because it’s relatively funny, 3 Days to Kill isn’t a film that you need to see but it works well as background noise and if you happen to glance at it every now and then, you’re going to have a moderate amount of fun. Strangely, it works primarily when […]

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