American Mary (2012)

A twisted, gross, and great horror film, American Mary is so wonderful — until the last few scenes — that I almost want to say “go watch it” and leave it there. I won’t, though, because I know for some people “twisted” and “gross” are not necessarily positives. In fact, the entire premise of American […]

Dead Hooker in a Trunk (2009)

A film that sounds like a joke and kind of is, the micro-budget Dead Hooker in a Trunk is an exploitation film revolving around four nameless characters — they’re credited, crudely, based on personality — who find a dead hooker in the back of their car trunk and proceed to go on an adventure all […]

Nymph()maniac: Volume I (2014)

Because who doesn’t want a minute-long montage of penises of all shapes and sizes inserted into their film? Oh. Hello. You must be here to read what I have to say about Nymph()maniac: Volume I. I guess you’re in the right place. Why did I open with that line? Because it’s (1) something that happens […]

Bad Words (2014)

Here is the premise for Bad Words: A 40-year-old high school dropout decides that, thanks to a loophole in the rules, he is going to compete on the national spelling bee circuit. The rules state that in order to compete, one must not have passed 8th grade by a certain date. This man, named Guy […]

Cheap Thrills (2014)

Taking the classic slogan “What would you do (ooh ooh) for a Klondike bar?” and replacing the delicious treat with thousands upon thousands of dollars, Cheap Thrills is a movie about a couple of rich people making a couple of not-rich people do things for money. Whether those things be humiliating or dangerous, that’s the […]

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

There are few filmmakers who have created such a filmography as Wes Anderson. All of his films have been, at the very least, watchable; even his less successful entries aren’t “bad.” You could go through every single one of his feature films — which is to say nothing about the shorts — and find them […]

Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)

Of all the video game that have been adapted into films, perhaps the most successful was 2006′s Silent Hill, which might not have kept the same plot as the game — from memory it was a sort of hybrid of the first two games, but a very loose adaptation nonetheless — but had a strong […]

Charlie Bartlett (2007)

If you happen to be rich, have access to a variety of prescription pills, and are heading to a new school where you’ll surely be unliked, what should you do? If you’re the hero of Charlie Bartlett, you open up a psychiatry office in the bathroom and prescribe pills to other students, thus becoming king […]

Innocent (2009)

In most film productions, film editing is meant to be as seamless as possible. The edits are supposed to be logical and aren’t supposed to attract attention to themselves or the process of putting a film together. This system is called “continuity editing.” Most of the films you watch will be edited with this method. […]

Lewis & Clark & George (1997)

Road movies aren’t the most exciting of propositions. You know, for the most part, that the characters will reach their goal. They might wind up mentally or physically scarred, but they’ll get there. These stories often lack structure, and they’re inherently about the journey, not about the destination. More often than not, the characters just […]