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Sex and the City 2

My sister and I decided to go see “Sex and the City 2” opening night. By the time it ended, over two hours later, there were many disappointed faces leaving the theatre. There was good reason for that. The film had no central focus. It went all over the place, as if it were searching for some form of stability. For me, having grown up in the ’80s, the flashback scene was the best part. The big hair, outlandish clothes, and thick makeup took me back to high school. I wish they had lingered on that longer, but I guess the women couldn’t pull off looks so youthful for too long. Notice all shots were from a distance. One reviewer criticized too many closeups, at unflattering angles throughout the film. True. Some of the clothes were a little too risque for them to wear, i.e. Carrie’s skirt when she went to have dinner with Aiden. The split was ridiculously high. I’m all for holding on to one’s youth. Just do it gracefully, and with taste. It seems each had some problem to constantly whine about. Carrie, who finally got her precious Big, was upset because he wanted to spend nights watching Cary Grant and Clark Gable movies on TV. With his wandering eye, she should have been happy he wasn’t cheating instead. If this were real life, I could not see...

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The Getaway

Carter “Doc” McCoy has been in jail for the past four years for armed robbery. Despite his model behavior in prison, he is denied parole, thanks to less-than-honest Jack Benyon, a local businessman who has strings within the system. During a visit from his wife, Carol, Doc tells her to go see Benyon, and do whatever necessary to get him out of jail. She does just that- sleeping with Benyon in the process, unbeknowest to Doc. He is quickly released from jail, and reunited with Carol. He later meets with Benyon, who demands his assistance in yet another bank robbery. Enter two more criminals via Benyon- Rudy and Frank, who work alongside Doc. The robbery goes off as planned, with a bank guard being killed in the process. Rudy kills Frank, while Doc escapes with all of the money. Rudy meets up with Doc, and pulls a gun on him. Doc shoots him several times, leaving him for dead. Doc and Carol head for Benyon’s house, where they will divide the money. Carol, to Doc’s confusion, does not want to see Benyon. She waits in the car as Doc goes inside. During their meeting, Benyon reveals the truth. He has no intention of sharing the money, Doc is going back to prison- and he slept with Carol. As Benyon confesses about their tryst, Carol shoots him to death. An...

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