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Shutter Island

I wanted to see this in the theatre and for whatever reason I never made it. I did get to see this a couple weeks ago and I will tell you this. I have seen many movies that use this same kind of “twist” that is utilized here however every movies success is the delivery and depth of the movie. Or substance if you will. The atmosphere of the movie is very mysterious and you are constantly grasping at whats going on. You feel like you are right there with Leo wanting to solve the mystery of the missing girl.  The visuals and acting are absolutely spot on with all the characters. The pace is perfect and everything just comes together for an ending that is both surprising and satisfying. I say go see this movie. You will not be disappointed  and if you are I am sorry for...

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Zombies of Mass Destruction

First off this is not a big budget movie by any means but what this movie lacked in budget they made up for in laughs and dialogue choice. Since many of you may not even know about this film I will break the main idea down very quickly. A small island town suddenly has a outbreak of zombie proportions. There thats the story line, well it is basically a mindless zombie movie with some comedy thrown in with some good dialogue and pretty good gore for what the budget seemed to be.  This movie is definitely a renter with some friends on a Friday night just for some laughs. It is not epic and you will not go buy it however I suggest at least giving it a chance, I enjoyed it and if you are a zombie fan at all go rent it, I have seen far worse low budget zombie films where I wanted to bash my own skull in and eat the spilling brains just because it was that...

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Clash of the Titans 3D

Okay it has been awhile since I have been on here but I haven’t been watching too many movies lately. I have been anticipating this movie since watching the first trailer for it.  I had heard the critiscm from reviewers and naysayers because the production compnay decided to go with an Indian based company who has a new method to convert movies to the 3D format at a faster and cheaper pace. This does tarnish the quality just a little bit I would say however…… it doesn’t really matter in my opinion. The lackluster 3D quality may actually make the movie a good in between 2D and Avatar like 3D. Some of the 3D movies make you kinda sick after 30 minutes. Anyways onto the actual movie review, sorry for the rant. The movie opens extremely slow ang boring, with that being said as the movie progresses so does the pace. The scenery is amazing, the characters are what you would expect and the action scenes are spot on. The creature effects were really detailed and honestly if the movie would have been an hour longer I wouldn’t have minded because I am a fan of greek mythology and fantasy creatures. The storyline and what happens throughout the movie are 95% predictable, nothing will surprise you and there are some comedic moments which should make you laugh. All in all I...

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Give Em Hell Malone

I don’t really remember where I first saw a preview for this movie but it definitely sparked my interest so I gave it a shot. Let me start off by saying this movie has a kind of old school cheesy crime thriller feel to it and with Thomas Jane and Ving Rhames leading the cast I figured I couldn’t go wrong. This was  a little Dick Tracyish without the strange looking villains. The first ten minutes of this movie are insane. A very brutal bloody shootout complete with slow motion but in a catchy way, and a particular scene with bloody footprints on a see through floor. Little artsy things that spark your interest. Again the first ten minutes are awesome. That’s where my problem comes in. The rest of the movie which isn’t by any means bad will have you simply waiting for the next fantastic bullet and blood ridden scene of mayhem  that never happens.  This movie was a good movie regardless that you wanted more action.  It had comedy, a certain mystery to it and the characters were entertaining.  Other than the lack of action the only other complaint was the one villian who is referred to is the sadist is pretty bland and not really scary or menacing in any way. He is basically a cheap  rip off of the joker. I definitely suggest movie fans pick this...

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The Wolfman

I have to say I was a bit disappointed with this movie for the most part. I think maybe my expectations were a little  too high.  I am glad the movie kept it’s dark tone throughout without adding the hollywood humor that they seem to inject into everything which doesn’t always work.  The main factor that was this movies downfall was the storyline and pacing. It just always seemed slow and like something should have been happening but wasn’t.  The special effects were spot on as was the gore. The violence and gore in some parts looked good but were cheesy at the same time.  The transformation sequence was really good and overall I would say people will enjoy this as a rental.  This was an average grade movie and I will rate it as such. If your into werewolf movies by all means check this out but other than the sporadic gore and special effects this will not win you over as a must have by any...

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