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Rhyming Review For ‘Frankenweenie’

‘Frankenweenie’ is an animated film from Tim Burton shown in black and white Even though it’s rated PG there are parts that might give small kids a fright It’s from the twisted mind of Tim Burton and his unique style is represented here The story pulls many of its details from the Frankenstein legend just to be clear The creature in this is Sparky the dog who belongs to Victor, the main character boy Victor’s a loner, has no friends and doing scientific experiments is his only real toy He plans to use the re-animation process as his entry in the school science fair The other students find out about this and know that their entries won’t compare They set out to steal his secret formula to bring their pets back from the dead Things go wrong and their pets turn into creatures that cause the local town dread Since it is family friendly, you know the main characters will somehow save the day Despite a few scenes of peril and mild terror, it’s good for kids and adults I would say If you enjoy Tim Burton films and like horror themed stories with a good natured take Then I say that this is a very good animated film and plans to see it you should...

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Rhyming Review For ‘Django Unchained’

Jamie Foxx plays the lead role in Quentin Tarantino’s film ‘Django Unchained’ It has good dialogue, some humor and shoot outs that are totally unrestrained Christoph Waltz plays a bounty hunter who takes Foxx’s character along for a ride He’s out to find some people and needs Django to travel with him by his side It turns out Django needs some help to find his wife, the woman he does adore She was sold as a slave to a plantation owner in the years before the Civil War Kerry Washington is the wife and Leonardo DiCaprio the owner of the plantation The two travelling men show up with a business proposition as their explanation Is all part of their plan, you see, to get Django back together with his wife The deal Django made with the bounty hunter gave him freedom for his own life Typical of Tarantino, this film is bloody with action scenes that are way over the top Many people are shot to death and the spurting and splattering never seems to stop The action is balanced by the characters, the story and a script that is very good I highly recommend this entertaining film that I enjoyed as much as I thought I...

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Rhyming Review For ‘Lincoln’

‘Lincoln’ tells the story of the final months in office for president # sixteen It’s an acting showcase with many outstanding performances that are seen Daniel Day-Lewis stars as Lincoln, the man with the recognizable hat and beard In supporting roles are Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones, whose wig is weird Many other recognizable actors fill a variety of roles in this dramatic film event They just add to the grand scope of this film as their top talent they have lent Be warned it’s not a typical biopic like the many other’s that have come before It only focuses on Lincoln’s efforts to free the slaves and end the civil war There’s manipulation and persuasion of others reflecting the politics of the times The methods used to get votes are questionable and could be considered crimes You don’t learn about his life, his childhood, his family or any of his past glories There are many scenes where you just get to hear Lincoln tell others his stories Directed by Steven Spielberg, all the production elements of the film are done well However, it moves slowly, it’s long and for me, recommending it is a tough...

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Rhyming Review For ‘Ted’

‘Ted’ is a comedy about a man and his talking bear but a family film this is not The bear is vulgar and is shown having sex, drinking alcohol and smoking pot The story starts when a Christmas wish is granted to a little boy who wants a friend The bear comes to life and is the boys buddy and their lives together they do spend As a grown man with a job and a girlfriend the bear is still a big part of his life When they’re together they often act like children and this causes relationship strife The guy must decide what’s more important and choose between his girl and his bear How this plays out gets pretty outrageous and telling how it ends I do not dare This story and script come from Seth MacFarlane who also provides the voice of Ted There are many pop culture references you’ll know but some may be over your head There are a few recognizable cameos and a funny bit involving Flash Gordon as well Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis are very good in the two lead roles I’m happy to tell There are many moments in this film that are juvenile, clever, silly or just plain fun If you want a raunchy comedy guaranteed to make you laugh then this is the...

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Rhyming Review For ‘Hysteria’

‘Hysteria’ is a comedy romance that tells the story of how the vibrator was invented It sprung from treatments for women who were thought to be hysterical or demented It seems that in England in the 1880’s hysteria was affecting many women of the day One doctor discovered a unique treatment for this and women were lining up to pay He found out he could relieve their symptoms by massaging them on their ‘special place’ Demand for this treatment increased and he hired an assistant to keep up with the pace Doing many of these procedures every day caused the assistant’s hand to cramp badly He was not able to ‘take care of’ the patients and was fired from this job, quite sadly It was then he came across a device which he used to replicate the actions of his hand This became known as the vibrator, now a popular device used by women in every land The romance part of this story involves the daughters of the doctor who are both pretty Maggie Gyllenhaal plays one daughter who runs a shelter in the bad part of the city The lead role is played by Hugh Dancy with a supporting performance by Jonathan Pryce I say it’s worth watching but note that the story is more about the people than the...

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