Author: Jamie Tobias

‘Passengers’ 2016

Passengers, directed by Morten Tyldum and starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, tells the story of a colonisation mission aboard the spaceship ‘Avalon’ to a distant galaxy called ‘Homestead II’, which suffers severe damage and malfunctions causing a stasis pod, holding one of the 5000 passengers onboard, to bring its occupant back to life 90 years ahead of time. The passenger, Jim (Chris Pratt), an engineer, comes to realise quickly that not only is he completely alone but having been brought out of stasis so prematurely, and unable to re-enter, he won’t see the destination in his lifetime. After multiple failed attempts to contact the sleeping crew, and relay a message back to Earth, he finally accepts his fate and starts to enjoy the best of the unique 5-star, hotel-like Avalon can offer (the best of fine dining, swimming pools with universal views, and even a literal space-walk! I know, sounds like heaven). But how much luxury can one man take before the solitude takes over? With only Arthur the android bartender (Michael Sheen, the perfect choice for the films comedic, yet eerily unsettling voice of reason) to keep him company, the depression and desperation of loneliness takes over and he’s faced with a serious moral dilemma. Passengers explores multiple themes throughout, including loneliness, isolation, morality, desperation and love. By the time Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) arrives onscreen we’ve...

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Office Christmas Party (2016)

  Office Christmas Party (comedy, directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck) tells the story of office life during Christmas time in today’s over-cautious, under-entertained, nanny-state working society, where HR are ever present. Starring Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, T. J. Miller, and Jennifer Aniston (as Bitch-Boss. Ok that’s not her real name but she does seem to be typecast, hey?). Clay (T. J. Miller) is the Chicago branch manager of a large company who do…stuff. Josh (Jason Bateman) Clay’s chief tech. officer and Tracey (Olivia Munn…..does anyone else hear angel choirs when her name is mentioned? No? Just me? Ok..) are charged with the responsibility of organising the branch’s boring, vanilla, end of year office party. Enter Bitch-Bo…er, Carol (Jennifer Aniston), Clay’s sister and the CEO of the company who decides that, to save money, all bonuses are scrapped, all Christmas parties cancelled and, oh yeah, lets fire 40% of the staff. Naturally it’s up to Clay and team to save the day and convince Carol to save the staff if they can secure an elusive, major client, Walter Davis (Courtney B Vance) who has the financial ability to support the company. The seemingly bored-in-life yet reluctant Davis agrees to attend their Office Christmas party which they promise will be the ‘party of the year’. The film is not without its clichés so it becomes fairly predictable rather quickly,...

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