W. – presidential portrait

Director: Oliver Stone Cast: Josh Borlin, James Cronwell, and Elizabeth Banks Rating: PG-13 Year: 2008 Running Time: 129 George W. Bush is obviously referred to as a very controversial figure. Director Oliver Stone takes a more human look at depicting the life of Bush. In the film W., we get Stone’s interpretation of a life […]

All About Steve – Not all funny

Director: Phil Traill Cast: Sandra Bullock, Bradley Cooper, Thomas Haden Church, and Ken Jeong. Rated: PG-13 Running Time: 99 minutes It seems that Sandra bullock churns out romantic comedies as if they are coming off an assembly line. Her latest venture into the genre playing a very strange character and some little twists along the […]

Kagemusha – the shadow warrior

Before making the 1980 film Kagemusha, Akira Kurosawa was in the later end of his career and had trouble financing any film he wanted. Eventually George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola (both describing themselves as Kurosawa fans) stepped in and managed to help bring funds to Kurosawa’s film project. The result is a historical drama […]

Snowboard Academy – waste of talent

Skiers and snowboarders clash on a ski resort with Rudy James (Jim Varney of Ernest fame) caught right in the middle. What results is the 1996 film Snowboard Academy. A half hearted (maybe even no hearted) attempt at comedy, and you’ll see why. Jim Varney pretty much plays his Ernest character in this film under […]

Nine – mature CGI adventure

The fall of man is the setting for the 2009 film Nine. A feature length movie directed by Shane Acker and based on his 2005 short film. At center of this CGI, post apocalyptic animated film is the character (and movie’s name sake) Nine (voiced by Elijah Wood) and his journey through the after math. […]

An Unreasonable Man – understanding Ralph Nader


Ralph Nader has been an influential figure in the course of American history through the advocacy of consumer rights. In recent years he has been seen by some as the spoiler for democratic candidates running for president of the United States. In the 2006 film An Unreasonable Man, film makers Henriette Mantel and Steve Skrovan […]

The Fog of War – handling of the cold war

The Fog of War takes a look at the controversial figure Robert S. McNamara through archival footage and from the words of McNamara himself in a one on one interview. He is a man who served as a secretary of defense under John F. Kennedy and then under Lyndon B. Johnson. In this film we […]

Avatar – a world apart

It’s been over a decade since director James Cameron released the film Titanic. After a long absence of his movies being present in theaters, Cameron returns with the even more epic movie Avatar. Just like George Lucas did with the Star Wars prequels, Cameron waited until technology finally caught up with his vision. In this […]

200 pounds beauty – many laughs

Hanna Kang is a fantastically talented singer but she suffers from low esteem due to her weight. So she sets up a plan to change both her physical and mental self in the Korean romantic comedy 200 Pounds Beauty. The film sets us up with the premise of Hanna’s (played by) existence. In a pop […]

District 9

The science fiction film District 9 started out originally as 2005 short filmed entitled “Alive in Joburg”. Through some hard dedication (as well as some luck), a tiny movie on a shoe string budget evolved into a larger scale and more developed feature film. Directed by writer Neill Blomkamp, District 9 explores the treatment of […]

Picture Claire – but not all that clear

After her home is burned down by vengeful drug dealers, Claire (played by Juliette Lewis) decides to head from Montreal to Toronto in order to reunite with the man she loves.  Murder, heart break, and a case of mistaken identity (as well as fake accents) develop in the film 2001 Picture Claire. Upon Claire’s arrival […]

Shaolin Soccer – Martial arts,soccer,comedy and everything in between

Former shaolin monk Sing goes on a quest to spread the ways of Shaolin kung fu to the world in the 2001 Hong Kong film Shaolin Soccer.  When Sing crosses paths with the game of soccer, what ensues is high flying action and laughs in this mix martial arts and comedy in this flick directed […]