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Daybreakers (2010)

          Question…if you had the chance to become a vampire, would you take it?  An age old question stemming from many, wait, no, a rather substantial amount of vampire films throughout the history of horror movies.  I think it really became prominent with the release of the cult classic The Lost Boys.  I am still a little undecided on my own answer.  I mean it would be cool to have super strength and never get sick but living forever might become sort of boring.  You get see everyone you care about die around you and when the apocalypse happens, you get to be super strong all by yourself.  Plus, you would need a rather lush dental plan and being African American myself, I don’t think the pale look would suit me very well.  Michael and Peter Spierig take the vampire craze to a rather new level with Daybreakers.              Ok, imagine a society, actually not just a society but an entire world with a majority population of the undead.  No, not zombies, their cousins the vampires.  They are so great in number, humans are scarce and on the endangered species list.  Any humans that aren’t already dead or turned into a vamp is captured, kept alive, and farmed for their blood.  Obviously, if you have watched even five minutes of any vampire sponsored piece of entertainment, then you know...

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

           Ok, so yeah, I did it.  I actually went to see the third entry in the mega phenomenon that the youngsters and even some adults call The Twilight Saga.  For whatever reason it has turned into a colossal revenue grossing blockbuster over the last couple of years.  Based on novels that I haven’t decided to actually read at the moment written by Stephenie Meyer, the film versions have every pre-teen, and again even grown people of legal drinking age and beyond, yearning for the films’ releases even way before they are scheduled to be released.  Now, I did see the previous two chapters.  I was told by a very forceful friend that I had to watch Twilight with her and I was dragged by another to the theater to sit though New Moon.             The first was what I expected, teenage melodrama with a vampiric twist that I thought was stealing straight from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (a show that I actually happened to be a huge fan of).  If I was reviewing movies back then, I would have given it a very subtle “2 out of whatever it was”.  I felt the second was even worse.  Although it had some potential because of the CGI created wolves, the story was boring and slow while the acting was even slower.  If felt like one conversation between any two...

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Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

           So what would you do if you had the opportunity to travel back in time?  I would try to correct so many mistakes I made that by the time I finished with all of them, I would probably be back at the present.  And I know it’s not just me, everyone, or almost everyone would take that chance to go back and change something or maybe just to relive a special moment they shared in their life.  The sheer idea of time travel, though not yet available in real life, has been the topic of numerous movies so far.  The Time Machine (duh), Back to the Future, even Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure capitalized on the fantasy concept and has entertained audiences and readers throughout history.  The latest film to use this plot line is the utterly, yes I said utterly, hilarious comedy directed by Steve Pink, Hot Tub Time Machine.                The simple plot has three long time friends; Adam (John Cusack), Nick (Craig Robinson), and Lou (Rob Corddry); who haven’t spent any real time with each other in quite some time.  Unhappy with their lives, they are brought together over the false assumption that one of them, Lou, tried to take his own life.  Therefore, along with Adam’s nephew, Jacob (Clark Duke), they all decide to take a getaway for the weekend and go to their...

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Inception (2010)

           Since I don’t know him personally, I can’t say what goes on in the mind of Christopher Nolan.  All I can do is guess and speculate based upon his work.  The writer/director has brought us gems like The Prestige, Batman Begins and one of my personal favorites of all time, The Dark Knight.  The screenplays that he has developed are original, creative, sometimes complex, but the best of all, they grab your attention and hold it in their clutches way after the film has ended.  They make you think; make you consider and then re-consider any options or possibilities about the plot that you may have been wondering about.  Furthermore, since he has had the luxury of having some very good actors in his projects, it makes his films even that much better.  His latest work, Inception, follows the same signature blueprint.             Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is what you would call an Extractor, but what he extracts is contained in people’s dreams.  With the help of his partner, Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), they enter an individual’s dream and steal, or extract, something of dire importance to that person and relinquish it to whomever they were hired to do it by.  For example, if I wanted to get your ATM pin number, they could go in and get you to give it to them or just retrieve it from...

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9 (2009)

            Going into this movie, I thought the dark, apocalyptic atmosphere in it that was inhabited by animated dolls had to be the obvious results straight out of the mind of the imaginative Tim Burton.  I was partly right, but mostly wrong.  The CGI produced 9 is actually based off of a short film by director Shane Acker as a student project for the UCLA Animation Workshop.  The piece, which took roughly four years to complete caught the attention of one Tim Burton and was then made into the feature film that we know today.  Burton was one of the producers for the film while Acker was allowed to also direct the full length version of his original project.              9 puts a slightly different spin on films based around the apocalyptic film genre.  For one, it’s animated, all CGI, but not necessarily meant for children with a PG-13 rating.  Two, its main characters are dolls.  Yup, dolls, nine of them to be exact who have the task of hopefully rebuilding the bleak and seemingly doomed present state of the world into a bright one.  Machines created by a scientist to bring and maintain peace about the Earth developed minds of their own and instead destroyed all of humanity.  Sound familiar?  Terminator, I, Robot, The Matrix.  These dolls, created by the same scientist are the last parts of humanity...

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