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The Book of Eli

Denzel, as usual is the man, kickin a** and takin names, and hes blind to boot (what?!). Mila Kunis is so -so in this movie but always good to look at. But Gary Oldman is the perfect mad genius bad guy in this movie. At the end of the world everyone is just down right flithy in every way possible and it really makes for a good movie, where the good guy is loved and the bad guy (and guys) is so hated. The concept of the movie really takes ahold of you and is completely believable. A great story with plenty of action, plenty of drama, as well as a few...

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Benecio del Toro is awesome in this movie but i think hes great in most of his movies. anthony hopkins still has that creepy factor that carries over nicely into this movie. i honestly thought this movie was great…it was a suspensful story that left you somewhat figuring out what was going to happen but you were never exactly sure. this movie was thrilling, interesting, as well as somewhat scary. what more can you ask of this movie? i thought, like most people, that this movie would be too fake with people turning into wolves and what not, but as soon as you look past how fake the wolf looks…it really is a great movie. its not too predictable, not too over the top ridiculous, and has a great story line and...

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The A-Team

more like the F-Team…how can a movie with an all star cast and an almost infinite amount of spending money be bad? because that is all the movie was…actors saying cheesey and corny lines throughout the whole movie…and enough special affects to make you go “ooh and ahh”…but there are too many times in the movie where you will look at the person next to you and be like…this is so stupid…another summer let down in my...

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Shutter Island

the ending was pretty predictable but it was also the ending no one wanted to see…it was supposed to be dramatic and suspensful…but it was more of a lot of dialogue and not much happening…a movie where they thought the more confusing the movie the better it will be…just because it makes sense at the end doesnt mean its...

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The Hurt Locker

i thought the ending to this movie was a little cheesy but overall really enjoyed it…it kept me on the edge of my seat for most of the movie…movie was great in having me anticipating something to happen and sometimes it did and sometimes it didnt. when i watch a movie i enjoy being led into a story with no idea whats about to come next and you really did not know what was going to happen in any situation from the beginning all the way to the...

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