DVD Review: Return From Witch Mountain

In this sequel to Disney’s beloved family classic Escape To Witch Mountain, Tia and Tony return from Witch Mountain to find a duo of criminals who are determined to manipulate Tony’s powers and unleash a diabolical plan. With the help of a gang of kids and Tia’s supernatural powers, they must find a way of […]

DVD Review: Escape To Witch Mountain (1975)

The original 1975 Walt Disney classic Escape To Witch Mountain is, unfortunately, dated, and it doesn’t fully provide the magic it would have needed to make it more than just another run-of-the-mill Disney affair. It is occasionally fun and diverting, but otherwise mundane, and the special effects are of decidedly inferior quality even for its […]

DVD Review: Happy-Go-Lucky

I’m giving Happy-Go-Lucky one star on the silly, controversial rating scale and tossing my hands in the air. It is a ridiculous film. My not being fond of British humor, nor glorified stupidity, Happy-Go-Lucky lacks any sort of appeal and meanders on for two hours. The story revolves around Poppy, a childish and slap-happy 30 year-old […]

Movie Review: 70th Anniversary 2-Disc Platinum Edition of Pinocchio

Walt Disney Pictures resurrects the Academy Award-winning masterpiece Pinocchio, for the first time issued in Blu-ray and standard DVD in one package. Digitally restored to perfection with brilliant animation, inspiring music, and a danger-filled story as charming as it is intrepid, this “70th Anniversary 2-Disc Platinum Edition” of Pinocchio is, simply put, one of Disney’s […]

DVD Review: Role Models – Rated and Unrated

In a time when foul-mouthed cinematic comedy is at a high point and crossing the line is considered an achievement, Role Models is raunchy comedy done right. Offensive and touching, rude and meaningful, Role Models is uneven yet gratifying and deep down has a big heart. After an accident with their company’s energy drink vehicle, […]

DVD Review: Beverly Hills Chihuahua

There once was a time when you could count on nearly any film made by Walt Disney Pictures to be a sure thing for solid family entertainment, back in the day when Lady and the Tramp and Fox and the Hound came to life. Now Disney produces nearly any project regardless of how contrived, dull, […]

DVD Review: Red Mist

Very seldom does a direct-to-DVD horror film make an impression and unfortunately Red Mist is no different. Internationally titled Freakdog, there’s little that separates Red Mist from the usual garbage shown late night on the Sci-Fi Channel. Aside from a decent budget and some standard performances, it’s uninteresting, unoriginal, and uneventful. After a cruel prank […]

DVD Review: Miracle at St. Anna

Critically acclaimed Oscar-nominated director Spike Lee (Do The Right Thing) has touched many different controversial subjects by writing, producing, directing, and acting in films dealing with social, racial, and political issues. And though all of his work isn’t masterful, his WWII epic Miracle at St. Anna has got to be one of his most accomplished […]

DVD Review: Blindness

Based on Nobel Prize-winning writer Jose Saramago’s novel and released in October of 2008, Blindness was virtually unseen by audiences, making lousy numbers at the box office. It wasn’t a film anyone rushed out to see in theaters, and certainly isn’t a film to catch on DVD if you missed its theatrical run. Simply put, […]

DVD Review: Soul Men – Remembering Legends Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes

2008 was a year we lost a lot of talent in the film industry, comedy buisness, and music enterprise. Of said talent, the comedy business and film industry took a major blow when comedian/actor Bernie Mac passed away after a battle with pneumonia, and the music industry mourned the death of soul legend Isaac Hayes from […]

DVD Review: Top Secret! – I Love The 80’s Edition

Introducing the early Val Kilmer and his uncanny impersonation of Elvis Presley in Top Secret!, the post-Airplane! project from the Abrahams/Zucker comedy team. The collaboration between writers and directors Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, and Jerry Zucker dates back to 1977 when the team wrote The Kentucky Fried Movie (a film I have yet to see) […]

DVD Review: Cheech and Chong’s Still Smokin’ – I Love The 80’s Edition

Cheech and Chong go to Amsterdam! Sounds great, right? Actually, it’s borderline terrible. The stoner team returns and this time they’re heading to Amsterdam. Tickets were inadvertently sent to Cheech and Chong and the two are repeatedly mistaken for Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton. Gifted with the pleasure of putting all of the assets on […]

DVD Review: Redemption

We all remember the days when westerns were a big fad and though those days have long passed, every so often we are gifted with a surprise winner. In 2003 we had Open Range and The Missing to fit the bill, in 2005 The Proposition, and in 2007 it was 3:10 to Yuma and The […]

DVD Review: Underworld – Unrated Extended Cut and Underworld: Evolution 2 – Disc Double Feature

The concept of vampires versus werewolves is intriguing and will always draw a crowd regardless of its execution. This two-disc double feature DVD of the cult hit Underworld and its follow-up Underworld: Evolution contains plenty of brutal violence and special features to please die hard fans of the soon-to-be-complete series and is the perfect hype […]

DVD Review: City of Ember

Having missed its theatrical run and completely oblivious to what the story was about, City of Ember provided more than enough surprises and visually genuine moments in its agreeable 90-minute running time. That being said, I don’t want to give away too much. With fate of mankind at its peak, a sacred box containing a […]

DVD Review: Street Kings (Special Edition + Digital Copy)

In a time of diminished respect for crooked cop flicks, Street Kings decided to try to revive a genre that is long past its peak since Training Day took awards. Imagine Street Kings as the little brother of Training Day, tagging along with an annoying sense of unintentional humor while simultaneously being loud and obnoxious. […]

DVD Review: Resident Evil – Degeneration

Are you the type of video-gamer who skips through introductions and storyboards to get right into the action? Are you the type of movie-goer who enjoys an interesting line of characters and compelling story to accompany a film’s marvelous animation? If so, then you’ll probably have a hard time getting into Resident Evil: Degeneration. Seven […]

DVD Review: The Longshots

Inspirational movies are extremely hard to pull off. They either come across as touching and heartfelt, or sappy and over-dramatized. In the late summer of 2008, a small movie titled The Longshots got its release to the silver screen. Most of you may have missed its theatrical running. With a low-budget, crappy trailer, and a […]