Rolling Thunder (1977) The Best Movie You’ve Never Seen!

Rolling Thunder is a little-seen gem that is one of the best explorations of the act of revenge ever put to film. Not only a fascinating journey into man’s darkest angels, but a satisfying tale of frontier justice.  The Sicilians and Klingons have a saying; Revenge is a dish best served cold. That it is, […]

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Tom Selleck wept!)

Hollywood seems to be stuck in the revival mode as icons from the 70’s and 80’s are being dusted off for one more chance at box-off gold. 2006’s “Rocky Balboa” and 2008’s “Rambo” scored big coin as audiences were curious to see how Sly Stallone, far removed from his signature roles, would interpret them for […]


 These anti Star Wars, crybaby losers are amusing as they seem to think their words have some sort of Kryptonite effect on George Lucas and if they say it loud enough and often, their self-serving wants and desires will be fulfilled. Jar Jar Binks, the Ewoks and whatever else sticks in the BB brains will […]

The Dark Knight (2008)

 For the last time, let us forget anything and everything done to the Batman by the double-hack team up of Directors Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher In all four films- none of them were able to tell a compelling Batman story as both directors totally missed the point.. Special-effects and over-the-top villains took the lead […]