Easy A

“Real life isn’t like a John Hughes Movie”. Imagine 1 little white lie turned into 1 little rumour, and how it can change your entire identity, and that’s what it’s like to be in high school. Meet Olive Pendergast played by Emma Stone, she is a normal student at a normal high school, who told […]

The Social Network

“The Best Film of the Year” people tend to use that term a lot, every film you see is branded with that slogan, not many can live up to the hype. The Social Network can. For me this “talking” film will hold the standard for every other film this year. Based on the book “The […]

Grown Ups

Grown UpsStep 1. Find 5 of the funniest guys in the world. Check. Step 2. Find 3 compatible girls. Check. Step 3. Find some of the most beautiful locations. Check. Step 4. Find plenty of loud hair-raising kids. Check. Put it all together and you get a hilarious comedy for people to talk about for […]


InceptionIf you like mind melding movies that test your intelligence and has major action scenes then Inception is the movie for you. Inception is an incredible film written and directed by the extremely talented Christopher Nolan and revolves around Dominic “Dom” Cobb, and his team, whose job is to enter the dreams of the “Marks”, […]

Iron Man 2

What happens when a narcissistic, ego-centric, mega millionaire, who is a master of engineering, finds himself in a life or death situation? He makes an iron suit powered by an “arc reactor”, placed in his chest to escape from the terrorists who have kidnapped him. Iron Man is born. This action/comedy film stars Robert Downey […]

Oceans 11

Stars, Style, Sophistication, and Suspense Oceans 11 has it all, based on the 1960s film starring Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, directed by Academy Award winning director Steven Soderbergh (Best Director 2000 for Traffic). Oceans 11 is a comedic, dramatic film about 2 friends who work and bond together to achieve the impossible in a […]