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Diary of the Dead (2007) DVD

 George A. Romero has directed several movies about zombies his most recent installment is the straight to DVD Diary of the Dead; a film about a group of students who are filming a horror movie for a school project when they hear of people getting up and walk after being pronounced dead. The group of students decide to jump in a Winnebago, pick up Jason’s girlfriend (one of the main character) and head home to several different towns in Pennsylvania. Along the way Jason continues to film the events that are taking place. He tries to interview everyone in an attempt to help anyone who may be watching when he uploads the figure. Jason’s girlfriend Debra is narrating the film in several different scenes. Finally, the group gets to Debra’s home when she realizes that her family is zombies. The group decides to go to another friend’s house nearby unfortunately the friend has been bit and three more members of the group gone. The three that are left Debra, another student Tony and the professor decide to hind in a panic room till thing hopefully blow over. We’ll just have to wait for the sequel to be released to find out what happens to the remaining three.   This film was extremely interesting because of the narration, the narrator Mary presents two interesting point the fact that everything in...

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Descent (2006)

Descent is a horror movie about a group of friends looking for adventure when a devastating car crash shakes one of the friends the main character Sara played by Shauna McDonald. One of the girls, Juno decides to get everyone together for a new adventure, exploring an undiscovered cave in the Appellation Mountains it doesn’t take long before the group realizes that something is wrong and that they don’t know there way out. Things get worse when the group realizes that they’re not alone in the cave and that they are surrounded by what can be best described as blind flesh eating people.   This film was boring and had several scenes that would leave the audience thinking get on with it. For example, the scenes when the group is crawling in small quarters in the cave could’ve been editing and could’ve been a lot shorter. Another problem I had with the film was the connection to the daughter’s birthday cake and being stuck in a cave I feel that this angle was underdeveloped.   There was another angle that I felt was undeveloped as well and that was when Juno stabbed Mary in the neck after fighting the flesh eaters. The film tries to make Juno a bad guy, but doesn’t a weak job of it.   One of the big moments that made the cover of the...

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Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay is an outrageous comedy that starts off where Harold and Kumar go to White Castle ended. Harold and Kumar played by John Cho and Kal Penn head to Amsterdam in a surprise visit to Maria the new love in Harold’s life. The two board the plane when an old woman mistakes the two as terrorists it doesn’t take long before the two get kicked off the plane as the old woman mistakes a homemade bong for a bomb. The two then get send to prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The two escape and the craziness begins. Harold and Kumar spend the majority of the film trying to clear there name by heading to Texas where a friend with some powerful connections is getting married to an old flame of Kumar’s and friend of Harold’s. Along the way an ignorant detective is trying to send the two back to prison. In the end the two made it to Amsterdam and all is well in there world.   This movie tries way too hard to up the rude, crude, and downright shocking value of the first film. There is a lot more nudity, more obscene jokes, and more fart jokes then the first. However, there are several scenes where the audience may find themselves laughing out load as I was. The film also has...

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Moster Squad (1987) DVD

Monster Squad is a fun, clever and perfect for all age’s film about a group of kids who realize that the monster they love are real and in their town ready to take over. The story begins in the late 1800 in a building where Van Helsing has found a powerful amulet that will send the evil monsters to a dimension where they can never harm the living. The only problem is that they need a virgin and the monsters are closing in fast; the young virgin must read a passage in German, after she finishes the passage the amulet opens up a portal and sucks everything into the postal unfortunately, Van Helsing is unable to defeat the monsters and they return 100 years to the date back for revenge and more eager to take back the amulet and rule the night forever.  You will have to see the movie to see what happens with the rest of the story which does take place in the present.   This film is great because the film features the four original monster that started the horror genre in the 30s Dracula, the Werewolf, the Mummy, Frankenstein, and the Creature from the Lagoon.  The film is also a treasure because it shows that a small cult classic can make an impact, a film that was released 20 years ago on cable is...

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Lost Boys-The Tribe

The long awaited sequel to one of the best vampire movies of the 20th century was released straight to DVD just a few weeks ago and honestly the film shouldn’t have ever been made with only one character returning from the original Lost Boys. (Edgar Frog played by Cory Feldman) The story is about two kids, brother and sister who move to Malibu, CA after their parents die and they run out of money to live in a shack off the main property of their aunt’s house. The older brother Chris gets invited to a party by an old surfing competitor after explaining to his younger sister that he’s not going she begs him and the two end up going where she becomes only a half vampire. In order to save the sister the brother enlists the help of Edgar Frog; Chris then has to become a half vampire in order to save his sister before she makes her first kill. The brother finally, helps save the sister and all is well with the world. There are some many elements that are wrong with this film, first in the character development more than half of the characters are not developed completely. The role that the females play in this film are simple eye candy if they’re not exposing there chest then they’re sleeping with strangers. The friends of the...

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