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Amelie is a clever and potent film about an innocent girl living in Paris, discovering romance for the first time after a neive teenage life.  Starring the beautiful and talented Audrey Tautou, this french film is a light hearted, and witty adventure that you cant help but enjoy.  Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet displays flashes of  striking cinematography and that dazzles the average watcher, and impresses the critic. After a quick intelligent sequence showing Amelie’s childhood of neglect and curiosity, you’re introduced to her present life as a waitress at a bar in Paris.  After discovering a tucked away children’s treasure box in her apartment, she tracks down the owner and cleverly lets him discover his 40 year old childhood, which overwhelms him and inspires him to lead a better life.  Amelie then decides for this to be her passion, which leads her into meeting Nino played effectively by Mathieu Kasovitz.  These too quirky youngsters then lead each-other on a cat and mouse chase, leading you throughout the intriguing film. As I do not pride myself on being a French film buff, i was pleasantly surprised with many aspects of this film.  The director took  what could have resulted in an average romance film, and injected it with clever cinematography.  From the lighting and overall spunk, too the cartoon-ish heartbeat scene, this film separated itself from the rest in its genre. Audrey Tatou is exceptional in this movie, for the first time I have seen...

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Inception.  From the immense depths of Christopher Nolan’s mind(or dreams), he gives us his interpretation of a newly discovered gateway into a person’s mind though the dreams.  With prominent tools at his disposal, Leonardo Di Caprio, Ellen Page and ready to burst,  Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  The trio that leads a group through the minds of prominent figures in dreams to discover secrets.  This futuristic thriller is sure to keep you glued to the screen and asking yourself, “is this a dream”.                 We first come into this movie with a “I hope this gets explained very quickly, because im lost” sequence that has Cobb, played by Leonardo and Arthur, by Gordon-Levitt, blasting there way through a a dream within a dream attempting to steal secrets from a prominent CEO.  With your mind in a knot, they continue on describing the nature of this “dream invasion” and quickly introduce Ellen Page’s character into the mix.  This is after discovering Cobb’s only way home is through a tasked rarely completed before, Inception.  Injecting an idea into someone’s dreams.  This concept is played with for the next 2 hours of action, with a focus on Cobb’s personal life and how it tosses a fly in the ointment.                 Since many of the readers have most likely watched the film and are till drooling from the mouth about the infinite possibilities of outcomes and...

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