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2010 Academy Awards

2010 Academy Awards I made my selections of which movies I believe should win in Italics. Best Picture Avatar An Education The Hurt Locker Inglourious Basterds The Blind Side District 9 Precious A Serious Man Up Up in the Air After taking the time to watch all the above movies, I still believe that it is Up was the best one.     Best Director Avatar (James Cameron) The Hurt Locker (Kathryn Bigelow) Inglourious Basterds (Quentin Tarantino) Up In The Air (Jason Reitman) Precious (Lee Daniels) Not a big fan of the guy, not a big of the movie of the movie either, but there is no denying that this is easily one of the best directed movies I have ever watched.   Best Actor Jeff Bridges Crazy Heart George Clooney Up in the Air Colin Firth A Single Man Morgan Freeman Invictus Jeremy Renner The Hurt Locker This is easily the toughest category with some of the decades best performances there (not too sure what Freeman is doing there). Knowing the Academy for being going against popular consensus, they’ll probably snub the masterful Jeff Bridges performance. My money is on Jeremy Renner.   Best Actress Sandra Bullock The Blind Side Helen Mirren The Last Station Carey Mulligan An Education Gabourey Sidibe Precious Meryl Streep Julie & Julia The young ladies clearly deserve this one. I’d bet on Sidibe...

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Whip It, reviewed by Acquired Taste

Title: Whip It Year: 2009 Run Time: 111 minutes Genre: Comedy, Teen drama Cast: Ellen Page, Marcia Gay Harden, Kristen Wiig, Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis, Jimmy Fallon, Alia Shawkat, Landon Pigg Director: Drew Barrymore Plot: Bliss Cavendar (Ellen Page), is a small town girl with a control freak mum (Marcia Gay Harden). Her mum believes that she has a future in beauty pageants and is on a quest to make her a Miss America, despite Bliss having no interest in the pageants. Bliss and her best friend Pash (Alia Shawkat), go to Austin to watch roller derby and she’s immediately hooked and returns to try out for one of the teams, The Hurl Scouts. She makes the team and competes in the roller derby league and somehow has to keep this from her strict mother. Along the way she finds love in a young rocker, Oliver (Landon Pigg) and a new family among her teammates. “Let’s go apeshit.” This was a refreshing view after what had been a disappointing few weeks in movies for me. Drew Barrymore makes her directorial debut in this charming coming of age indie and she does deliver. She clearly a has a keen eye for talent and creative shots (you’ll enjoy the skating scenes) and the lead performer is just great. The plot isn’t exactly a predictable one with one or two good twists...

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Couple’s Retreat, reviewed by Acquired Taste

Title: Couple’s Retreat Year: 2009 Run Time: 113 minutes Genre: Comedy Cast: Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Jon Favreau, Faizon Love, Kristen Bell, Malin Akerman, Kristin Davis, Jean Reno Director: Peter Billingsley Plot: This is the story of four couples, each facing different hurdles in their lives. Dave (Vince Vaughn) and Ronnie (Malin Akerman) are going through an indifferent spell in their marriage while they renovate their house and while Dave trys to market a video game. Jason (Jason Bateman) and Cynthia (Kristen Bell) are trying desperately to conceive and the stress has pushed their marriage to the brink of divorce. Joey (Jon Favreau) and Lucy (Kristen Davis), who were high school sweethearts, are now trapped in a loveless marriage held only together out of concern for their teenage daughter. And finally there’s Shane (Faizon Love), a recent divorcee, facing the single life once more and dating a 20 year old girl, Trudy. Jason suggests that they all take a trip to Eden Island, a majestic island resort, for some R & R and split the cost of a group package. When they get to the island, they learn that there is a catch to their all-inclusive half-priced package, mandatory couple’s therapy conducted by M. Marcel (Jean Reno). They undertake the therapy which actually drives the couples apart and they have to make tough choices on the future of their...

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10 Most Underrated Actors

These are the guys who almost always carry the day with their supporting performances and should be doing more lead roles. 1. Jeff Bridges 2. Kevin Bacon 3. Christopher Walken 4. Gary Oldman 5. Liam Neeson 6. John Leguizamo 7. Edward Norton 8. Emile Hirsh 9. Bill Paxton 10. Gary Sinise Worth Mentioning: Hank Azaria, Mark Ruffalo,Viggo Mortensen, Ben Foster *Leonardo DiCaprio & John Malkovich – Though recognized, they should be having at least 2 Oscars...

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Critics Choice Awards 2009.

Winners & Nominees Do you agree? The movies in bold are the winners, the movies in italics are my choice. Best Picture The Hurt Locker Avatar An Education Inglourious Basterds Invictus Nine Precious A Serious Man Up (yes, that’s right) Up in the Air Best Director Kathryn Bigelow – The Hurt Locker James Cameron – Avatar Lee Daniels – Precious Clint Eastwood – Invictus Jason Reitman – Up in the Air Quentin Tarantino – Inglourious Basterds Best Actor Jeff Bridges – Crazy Heart George Clooney – Up in the Air Colin Firth – A Single Man Morgan Freeman – Invictus Viggo Mortensen – The Road Jeremy Renner – The Hurt Locker Best Actress Sandra Bullock – The Blind Side (tie) Meryl Streep – Julie & Julia (tie) Emily Blunt – The Young Victoria Carey Mulligan – An Education Saoirse Ronan – The Lovely Bones Gabourey Sidibe – Precious Best Supporting Actor Christoph Waltz – Inglourious Basterds (he made a glass of milk seem scary) Matt Damon – Invictus Woody Harrelson – The Messenger Christian McKay – Me and Orson Welles Alfred Molina – An Education Stanley Tucci – The Lovely Bones Best Supporting Actress Mo’Nique – Precious (psycho mom gets my vote, partly because you get the feeling she’d be that kind of a mom) Marion Cotillard – Nine Vera Farmiga – Up in the Air Anna Kendrick –...

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