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My Best Friend’s Girl (2008)

A hilarious comedy directed by Howard Deutch.  Some might find this one offensive but if you watch it with an open mind, prepared for crudeness, then you’ll really enjoy it, as did I.  Dane Cook (Tank Turner) is absolutely gorgeous looking.  He also has a special ‘talent’ – he can make a woman feel like crap and give her the worst first date of her life.  How does he do this?  He chooses the most distasteful restaurant, makes insulting comments about his date when placing her food order “she could use a little more famine and a little less fried”, plays loud music in his car offering his date cigarette filters as ear plugs and insists on going dutch with the petrol.  Why does he do this?  He’s paid by desperate ex boyfriends to make them ‘look good’ after a nightmare date with Tank.  However, he meets his match when his best friend, Dustin (Jason Biggs) hires him to ‘work his magic’ on the lady he’s in love with, Alexis (Kate Hudson).  Alexis is not perturbed by his odious taste in music or his date venue which happened to be a strip club.  When Alexis offers Tank to come upstairs to her apartment, he shocks himself when he refuses.  For a brief period his loyalty to his best friend wins but then a secret sexual relationship commences between Alexis...

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AWAKE (2007) by Charleen

This psychological thriller will keep you glued to the screen from start to finish.  “Anesthetic Awareness” is a condition some 700 people under anesthetic have experienced.  The person’s body is completely paralyzed during an operation yet they are ‘awake’.  Awake in this sense is that the mind is fully aware of what is happening around them but their paralysis prevents them from even uttering a word.  Hayden Christensen is not only captivating because of his exceptionally good looks but also because he fully embraces his character as Clay, the wealthy son of a controlling mother (Lena Olin).  So controlling is she that he hides his relationship with his beautiful fiancé, Sam (Jessica Alba) for a year.  Clay also happens to have a heart condition and is in desperate need of a heart transplant.  It also here where heads bang between mother and son.  Clay wants his doctor friend, Jack (Terrence Howard) to perform the surgery while his mother is adamant that only the best surgeon will operate on her son.    We watch as Clay defies his mother by quickly marrying the woman he loves and choosing his friend to perform his heart transplant.  While he’s under the knife going through ‘anesthetic awareness’, what he hears and the out-of-body experience he goes through is nothing short of a revelation.  Whilst the plot of the story lies in Clay’s planned...

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SPREAD (2009) by Charleen

Ashton Kutcher is narrator and main character in this emotion-stirring movie.  I watched it twice because I just didn’t ‘get it’.  This was not a mammoth task as Kutcher has so much sex appeal in his role as Nikki. He’s a young guy who is jobless, homeless and car-less, therefore he’s not looking for the tight skin of a 20 year old and hooks up with the more mature, successful Samantha (Anne Heche) who subsequently has tighter skin than most 20 year olds.  Nikki begins gathering points to have a share in Samantha’s comfortable lifestyle and he succeeds.  He’s a player by nature and definitely in tune with women’s emotions, both of which he uses to exploit every woman who crosses his path.  The movie’s by-line “It’s a business doing pleasure” is apt.   It’s when Nikki meets Heather (Margarita Levieva) that he finds himself in unfamiliar territory – he falls in love.  Unfortunately, we don’t choose love, it chooses us and Heather plays the same game as Nikki, manipulating men for their money.  It’s a serendipitous moment when these two characters meet as it’s sure to alter at least one of their lives.  It’s the beginning and end narrative phrases that are crucial to the plot of this movie.  It’s that thousands of people come to LA looking for the fairytale and thousands leave LA as a result...

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ALFIE (2004)

This Alfie is the re-make of the ‘60s Alfie, which starred Michael Caine.  Written, directed and produced by Charles Shyer, this movie is entertainment at its best as well as an eye-opener for men (and even women) fitting the ‘Alfie’ character.  Alfie (Jude Law) is a charming, flirtatious, fashion-conscious, promiscuous man who has deep commitment issues.  He lives in Manhattan and has a pretty easy going job as a driver for a limousine service.  Even though he plays the field, he has a ‘relationship’ with a gorgeous, homely single mom, Julie (Marisa Tomei) but he will soon loose her to his ‘limo fling’ Dorie (Jane Krakowski).  He is not too concerned when Julie finds a pair of lady’s knickers as he has women swarming around him.  His wandering hand however gets him into further trouble when he ‘gets with’ his friend, Marlon’s (Omar Epps) lady.  Things really start going sour though when his libido lets him down and his reputation takes a bad knock.  Alfie even has a testicular cancer scare but when it proves negative, he bounces back oblivious of his recent ‘traumas’.  He meets Nikki (Sienna Miller) whom he believes is the woman for him but time shows her true ‘crazy’ colours and she too becomes history in the life of Alfie. Then he meets a more mature woman, Liz (Susan Sarandon) and he finds himself in...

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I was watching the Bette Midler movie “Beaches” the other day and thought what an astounding woman she is – she’s a talented singer and an actress.  My mind then wandered to Barbara Streisand whom I would class in a similar category.  Then it hit me – Cher!  Here’s a woman who can sing the pants off many youngsters today and boy can she act!  Let’s take a brief look at her career…  She first ‘came about’ as Sonny & Cher in the hit ‘60s single “I’ve got you babe”.  She weaned her way into the acting world and gave us an incredible performance in Mask.  Movies such as Silkwood, The Witches of Eastwick and Moonstruck followed.  She is one of the few to have received an Academy Award, an Emmy and a Golden Globe for her acting achievements!  Her hit single Believe sold over 100 million copies worldwide.  Cher has given us 40 years of film and music, so please tell me why she hasn’t received a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to the entertainment industry?  Or has she?  This may be small in comparison to a Lifetime Award but this is my tribute to you Cher – a raised glass to years of awesome...

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