Iron Man (2008)

Starring Robert Downey, Jr., Gweneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges, and Terrence Howard, this is the superhero movie of 2008.  It is rated PG-13 for violence, language and some sexual situations.  The movie runs at two hours and six minutes. 

This movie is based on the Marvel Comic Iron Man, and if you are unfamiliar with the character or the comic no big deal, you don’t need prior history to enjoy this movie.  It is about a man, a very rich man, named Tony Stark, who owns a business that is in the business of creating weapons to end all wars.  An oxymoron I know but this seems to be the way the world works, even if we don’t want to admit it.  Tony (played by Downey Jr.) is a well off, womanizing, rich man with a sense of humor and a brain to boot.  He has the smarts and develops most of the weapons himself, which makes him a target, and he quickly becomes one, landing in the arms of a terrorist group that wants him to recreate his most devastating weapon to date.  He promises to do it while secretly building his way out, a iron man suit.  The suit becomes an obsession, and eventually the design falls into the wrong hands, leading to a superhero/supervillain standoff. 

One of the better superhero comic book movies, I liked this a lot.  Robert Downey, Jr. plays a very human superhero with some major and minor problems.  He is also a very likable superhero, who while at times seems full of himself, is really funny and not as full of himself as he acts.  While every superhero has a quality about him that makes him likable and even more human, Iron Man has a quality that makes him human because if his went wrong it would kill him. 

The attraction between Paltrow’s character and Downey’s is understated but it adds an element of humor as well.  I did have a problem with how weak her character seemed at one point in the movie, almost a stereotypical woman from like the fifties, but most of the problem was that she switched from strong to weak almost at the drop of a needle.  Her character was the one I had the most problem with, also I didn’t quite believe Jeff Bridges as the villain, but is could be because I kept seeing him as “The Dude” with long hair and alcohol coursing  through his veins.

I recommend that anyone seeing this movie in the theatre stays until the end as there is a little bit of a surprise after all of the credits.  This movie is a set up for the sequel which reportedly will be coming out in 2010, and starring all of the same cast.  I recommend this movie to all those who love comic books, and all those who wish that the world had real superheros.

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  1. nwertanen99 says:

    Nice summary of the plot, and characters. A good review that would entice most people to see the movie. Nicely done.

  2. Ace Watson says:

    Great castng makes the movie, the humor was great also, Jeff Bridges plays the villan, and its a good role for Bridges, Downey Jr plays Tony Stark a mastermind who builds a super weapon named the jericho, after which he gets captured by a group of terrorists that want him to build the jericho for them. They put him a cave and supplies, and he builds his first iron man suit, and he takes most of them out, he gets away only to find out the fight came to him in the form of a man thought to be a friend (Bridges) builds a suit modified like Starks to lead off the final battle. Amazing movie, plot, cast, recommend seeing this movie 100%.

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