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Posted on 12 September 2011 by

            A Grand Rapid’s pizza delivery guy, Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) is stuck in a downward spiraling life, with his best friend, Chet (Aziz Ansari), moving up as an elementary teacher, seeing the girl he loves everyday think of him as only a friend and his boss threatening to dock his paycheck if the pizza is delivered after thirty minutes because the customer gets it free. One day on a run, Nick delivers to an odd location with two men in monkey masks waiting to attack him. He wakes up to a bomb strapped to his chest and ten hours to rob a bank before it explodes. He runs to Chet for help and the two must decide if they can commit a felony or having the bomb explode. Will Nick and Chet rob the bank? Will the police catch them? With the monkey men really let Nick live if he does rob the bank? 


Review:                        I totally like this film. I knew from the moment I first watched the trailer that I was going to love it. Aziz and Jesse make a perfect team, with Jesse playing the jittery slacker and Aziz as the comedic sidekick. I was completely entertained from the beginning credits to the end. Nick and Chet’s bicker relationship was warming yet comical. I would like to see more films with the both of them together or even more films with Aziz, he’s so funny. The ending was a little surprising, I didn’t know what to expect until I saw it, which was great. All in all, I will buy this film on DVD/Blu Ray.

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