How do you know-Review

            Lisa (Renee Witherspoon), a passion for baseball and a star professional player, is cut from her team, which is the beginning of her life spiraling down. She goes to professional baseball player, also a lady’s man, Matty (Owen Wilson) to take her mind off her life, but their relationship goes through constant hurdles. Meanwhile, businessman and honest employee of his father’s company, George (Paul Rudd), finds out that he is being investigated by the federal agency for committing fraud, which he didn’t commit. Matty meets Lisa and finds comfort in her to make his problems go away whenever he’s with her, but she’s dating Matty, so it can only be a platonic relationship. Will George fall in love with Lisa and convince her that he is the man for her? Will Matty end his bachelor ways and settle down with Lisa? Will Lisa find herself again and contribute that into society? 


            I enjoyed watching this film; I thought it was very cute and entertaining. I like Owen’s character because he is kind of a jerk but in a nice, honest, welcoming way, to which any woman will be mad with him but not for long. A lot of Owen’s characters in his films are always the confident, energetic and lovable one and I never tire of them. I like Lisa because of her strong personality and anti-bubbly yet positive view points towards herself and life. George is just a hopeless case stuck in a bad situation with the investigation. His moments of panic and confusion drew me in, until he starts to sing badly during a scene. All in all, a different type of romantic comedy and I will see this film again.

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