Josh (Wilson) and Renai (Byrne) Lambert are in desperate need of help for their son, Dalton (Simpkins), who has just fallen into a deep sleep coma. Upon further investigation, they discover that their comatose son has been attracting supernatural entities, and that his consciousness is trapped in a dark place called “The Further”.

The makers of “Saw” and “Paranormal Activity” are back with another haunting tale that promises a scare unlike any other. Malaysian director James Wan, who directed the innovative madness in “Saw (2004)”, talks helm in directing this 2010 horror.

The film stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, as a couple who start experiencing ghostly events in their home after their son falls into a sudden state of unconsciousness. The performances are seemingly okay, and are enough to convince us of the haunting events the characters are experiencing.

At first glance I was thinking this was either going to be another unconvincing film such as “Paranormal Activity (2007)” or something in the lines of “The Omen (2006)”, where the boy is actually the devil. Surprisingly, this is none of that and was something new.

The beginning half of this is haunting. An excellent introduction and start is the opening credits. The presentation of the apparitions are quite the spook as well, and this film was looking to be a real scare ride. But then they reveal a sort of “twist” in the middle, and we learn about a realm called “The Further”, and that in some unbelievable manner, our character must enter this place to save his child. May interest level goes down at this point. Add the unnecessary ending and I conclude the second half to be crap.

Still, this is one of the better horrors to come out in recent time.