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THX 1138 (1971)
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In an underground future city, surveillance is constant and countless public service announcements are being broadcast 24/7. Sexual contact has been outlawed and mind control is implemented by the mandatory use of medication by the residents. The drugs are a way to keep residents compliant and active while being overworked in a dangerous environment. When THX (Duvall) stops taking his medication, he feels authentic emotions when sober and gets involved in sexual activities with his room mate LUH (McOmie). He is charged with crimes of sexual intercourse and drug evasion, and is imprisoned. While in detention, THX and other violators plan a risky escape.

An exploration of a future society is George Lucas “THX 1138”, produced by Francis Ford Coppola, and starring Robert Duvall as THX, a man whose mind is controlled by the government in a world where there is uniformity, endless surveillance, no freedom, and love is a punishable crime (a sort of “Big Brother Society”). “THX 1138” is visionary George Lucas first feature length film based on one of his early short films done in 1967.

A stunning visual feast that’s mesmerizing and a bit of a mind fuck. Best viewed is this George Lucas Director’s Cut, a remastered version made for the perfect hi-def experience (“THX”).

Excellent film. When you talk science fiction in film, no one does it better than George Lucas himself. Unbelievable that this was the directors first feature length film. The look was almost to modern given it was made in the 1970’s. Almost seems like some bits and pieces were tweaked for the directors cut version released specifically for DVD. The sets are as usual huge and gorgeous. Nicely framed cinematography accompanied by very detailed editing. The audio was a complete brainwash, looping dialogue and constant public service announcements kept playing all throughout. The brilliance of this is not in the story, but in the medium and how it makes for one amazing film experience.

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