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Final Destination 5-Review
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            So, here we are at number five of the Final Destination franchise. It is no surprise what the film is about. A group of attractive young people are happy and on their way traveling somewhere fun or doing something fun, when a person has a premonition about their deaths. He or she freaks out and runs out of the moving object, a few follow behind, and the event happens. One by one, the survivors die off as the remaining try to figure out why. 



            Well, I’m a fan of all of the films but I do wish they would stop; five is one more too many. I thought the film was okay. There weren’t enough creative death scenes for me and mainly everything started off with an electric malfunction. I did like that there was a change in the characters career, instead of high school or college students; they are all in the business world. That slight change, worked for me.  Another change I liked is the reactions from some of the characters when they find out that Death is after them as they try to take measures into their own hands. All in all, I can see myself watching this film again but maybe in a year.

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