Yuko Moriguchi (Matsu), a grieving mother and teacher to a grade school class, reveals her chilling plot of revenge to her students, who are responsible for her daughter’s death.

Directed by Tetsuya Nakashima is this highly criticized and praised Japanese tale of revenge. Released in 2010, the film received numerous top prize nominations and wins in several Asian and international film festivals.

A very stylish film, with brilliant direction and cinematography. Has a nice art house feel to it. The story is disturbing, twisted, and dark. Director Tetsuya Nakashima, who is better known for his comedies, strikes gold with this psychological thriller. Very dialogue driven and full of narration that is accompanied by the gorgeous imagery and frames. The soundtrack is also interesting, which makes use of mostly English titled tracks.

The twisted plot unfolds through the confessions of key characters in the film, who are mostly teen students, and adults, more specifically mother’s. The film opens with Miss Moriguchi’s long confession to the students. Its pretty much narration after narration after that. The mother’s are actually a central theme in the film, which tackles issues on motherly love, the upbringing of a child, and some of the psychological effects that come with it.

Pretty awesome and gorgeous looking film.