Something does not seem to add up. Something seems to have passed me by and I have no idea what it is. As I sit down and recollect what took place during the past 125 minutes I am overcome by mixed sensations of satisfaction and disappointment. How will I rate this? This is the constant thought that is running across my mind whilst I recollect my thought. I always had 4 stars in mind, 4 out of 10! I know I am being very pessimistic and sincerely I feel I am a bit too harsh on my opinion. Hence I am content to settle with 6 stars, 6 out of 10!


Are you familiar with the term Ventricular fibrillation? In Layman terms it’s a condition where a human has an irregular heartbeat. Normally our hearts beat almost to that of the beat of the Bee Gees hit Staying alive. Now picture the same beat on a heart rate monitor. A normal beat Vs a patient who is suffering with VF. Erratic lines will be jumping all over the monitor and if something is not done about it the patient sadly will die. This is what the flow of comedy was in Bridesmaids.  It was very erratic, the funny scenes are very scarce however when it did get funny, oh boy does it crack you up. The scenes are amazingly well written and brilliantly interpreted by the cast. However once that particular scene is done and dusted with it bogs down tremendously. Now this brings me to the script. Written by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo I have strong feeling this was entirely written for women. I am not exaggerating. I am seated in a theatre full of women whilst I watch this. I am also overhearing a lot of negative chatter on the movie as well. This is one in particular that stuck in my head “This is nothing like Hangover”. Exactly what my thoughts are as I am watching the movie. I believe the marketing campaign was a bit misleading to a few us since this was supposed to be the female version of The Hangover. In fact they did approach Todd Phillips for the directorial however does not seem to have worked out well.


When Lillian (Maya Rudolph) quite unexpectedly is to be married, best friend Annie (Kristen Wiig) is unanimously picked as her maid of honor. Annie who has no sense of direction in life hits rock bottom and now there is now way to go but up or so she thinks. At the rehearsal dinner Annie is introduced to Lillians’ fiancés bosses wife (Did I lose you there?) aka Helen (Rose Byrne). There is saying “The party starts after a toast is made”. Ok I made that up, but really after 25 minutes into the movie, break out its first comic relief. It was hilarious and my sides hurt after all the laughter! Annie feels she is being stepped on by Helen and wants to regain control of all that is left until the wedding day. Sounding a bit like Bride Wars, Monster in Law at this point of time, it actually is quite similar although it should not be mistaken for a parody. Regardless of it all, the 6 ladies bond in an effort for making this a successful wedding treat for Lillian. Megan (Melissa McCarthy) who is the sister of the groom and Officer Rhodes (Chris O Dowd) are the show stealers. In fact the directorial approach by Paul Feig is felt more like that of THE IT CROWD or EPISODES (Sitcoms). It’s not slapstick like Jack Black doing Cartwheels in Lilliput. It’s all in the script and its lines and its very little acting but more of the dialogue that matters.


Undoubtedly I am clearly a minority who share this opinion, since this summer hit was very well accepted by our viewers; however I do know that there is a potential market out there that has misread the entire advertising campaign and would feel as I do.




Title: Bridesmaids

Directed by: Paul Feig

Starring: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Ellie Kemper, Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne & Chris O Dowd

Rated: R for strong sexuality and language throughout.

Rating: 06/10

125 Minutes