5 Films I Love, 45 that I quite like. Your Best Recommendations welcomed!

Top Five There aren't much more movies than these that I would give 5 stars. So far these are my absolute favorite films. These really aren't in any order. I love these 5 just as much... 1 Leon the Professional 2 Donnie Darko 3 Whispering Corridors 2: Memento Mori 4 Audition 5 Mulholland Drive theprofessional-cleaningguns2.jpgaudition-needle.jpgmemento-mori-hyo-shin.jpg mulholland-drive-poster.jpgdonnie-darko-in-theater.jpg The Rest These movies are certainly not in order either. They are not necessarily my absolute favorite 50, but this is what comes to mind. 6 Vertigo 7 Fight Club 8 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 9 Being John Malkovich 10 Memento 11 LA Confidential 12 Inland Empire 13 There will be Blood 14 Synecdoche, New York 15 Amelie 16 Ghost World 17 Rushmore 18 The Departed (Infernal Affairs is good too) 19  The City of Lost Children 20 Run Lola Run 21 American History X 22 1984 23 Savages 24 Gilda 25 12 Angry Men 26 Heat 27 The Breakfast Club 28 Fallen Angels 29 Three Kings 30 12 Monkeys 31 Cool Hand Luke 32 Casshern 33 House of Cards (the BBC series) 34 Rear Window 35 Evil Dead 2 36 Duck, you sucker! 37 Payback (Mel Gibson's remake) 38 O Brother Where Art though? 39 I Heart Huckabees 40 Ghost in the Shell (The Feature film) 41 The Elephant Man 42 The Dreamers 43 Seven Samurai 44 Snatch 45 The Usual Suspects 46 In Treatment Season 1 (Haven't seen Bi Tipule yet) 47 The Shining 48 Eraserhead 49 Pulp Fiction 50 The Empire Strikes Back I would love any recommendations you could think of based on the above. However, be warned, I am kind of the most finicky film goer ever. It's not surprising to hear me call a definite classic as overrated. Also another hint to help you help me, is that I'll take substance over style any day of the week, or a thinking movie over a cool one. I don't watch thousands of movies. I'm just searching for the few films that I will absolutely love on a personal level. I really do appreciate any effort in helping me find such. Here's a preemptive, "Much obliged" to those who try, and thank you for checking out my list.


  1. I don’t see Inception or Memento! This saddens me!!! Haha, nonetheless, a good list. Good job!

  2. Thanks! Memento is number 10 there. :)

    I’ve kept my mouth shut on it for quite some time now… especially with you since I saw it as number 1 on your list …but I really… actually, didn’t like Inception at all. I’m going to plead the 5th on it until I’ve written my review on it to avoid any typical youtube-like squabbling. heh heh. I respect other people’s joys in film even if I don’t like what it is. :)

  3. to each there own. Interested to see why you didn’t like Inception. Sorry for not seeing Memento haha.

  4. It’s amazing how we all have such different tastes when it comes to movies. This list is obviously uniquely ‘yours’. None of these movies would be on my list of ‘love/like’ movies with the exception of The Breakfast Club. Have you perhaps watched St Elmo’s Fire from the same period with the ‘brat pack’? Looking at your list, I wonder if you wouldn’t appreciate Rules of Engagement with Samuel L Jackson. Then there’s the thought provoking Never Let You Go with a cast that I wasn’t familiar with but the movie content and acting left me deep in thought. Give it a try! If you like the classics, hows about One who Flew over the Cuckoos Nest with Jack Nicholson and something similar, also with a superb cast, Girl Interrupted starring Winona Ryder & Angelina Jolie.

  5. Quite Right Charleen. Every person’s movie list should be as they see it or what’s the point? I can make a list of favorites without including say the Godfather, Scarface, Casablanca, or the first Star Wars because I say so! That’s the great thing about it. I still love the Breakfast Club despite how some may feel it’s gotten cliche to like it. It’s the only 80s movie that was cheesy, hilarious, stupid, and yet you could take it seriously, and still love the characters despite their obvious stereotypes. I love movies that are basically like watching a play.
    I’ve thought about watching St. Elmo’s Fire several times. I somehow haven’t seen the Rules of Engagement. It’s got some good actors in it. Samuel L. can be in even horrible movies, not tarnish his image, and yet I can get some sort of satisfaction from it. Good call on One flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Girl, Interrupted. I like those kind of films. I also quite like White Oleander the book and the movie had some good acting in it. I still have to see Never let you Go. Thanks for the recommendations and the comment!

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