Cowboys and Aliens, a Mr. E Movie Review

When I first heard that John Favreau was co-producing this epic graphic novel adaptation with Steven Spielberg I have to admit my interests where peaked. I mean the idea itself is a genre-crossing mash up that I’d never thought would get a chance on the big screen. But nowadays with everything comic book related getting a treatment I guess it was inevitable.

The real kicker is that not that ET’s creator is on board or Iron Man’s visionary is either for that fact. It’s that Indiana Jones/Han Solo’s Harrison Ford has taken up the reign’s along with my new favorite 007, Daniel Craig. Both of which are awesome in their roles as the hard-nosed old war colonel turned steer baron and the amnesiac villain turned hero with a fancy new wristband.

Cowboys and Aliens does everything right when it comes to special effects and even the menacing alien themselves. Where it kind of falls a little short is in its story. It seems sort of flat.

I mean there’s the hero who butts heads with the town tough guy only to be interrupted by people snatching aliens. Very cool but it kind of just went from here to there. If you know what I mean?

Let’s get this clear…It’s by no means a bad movie.

I actually liked a lot of the elements and Sam Rockwell was great comic relief. It’s just that I left the theater feeling nothing one way or the other and that sucks. I was entertained but was it just the premise and stars that carry me through? Honestly, I’m not sure so I will probably go out and see it again, maybe with friends, just to give all these elements, of which I am a huge fan of, another try.

Keep an eye on the comments for this one because I’ll be back to weigh in again after my second viewing.

As of right now I’m giving Cowboys and Aliens a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

“…and remember 3-parts popcorn to 2-parts chocolate washed down with 1-part cold beverage. Mmm. See you at the movies!” – Mr. E

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  1. The story is pretty much a basic story, Aliens come then cowboys need to go kick their ass and save the day. But for me, I’ve always felt a basic story can get free pass if it’s told well. I felt the characters are all really strong, particularly Harrison Ford. I was expecting Mr. Ford to pretty much just play Indiana Jones; instead he’s really gruff and intimidating. The whole sub plot of him adoring his drunken dumbass son, while treating the Native American boy who also grew up with him as shit was really thought provoking and surprising to see in this overly PC day and age. I’ll agree the story is pretty thin, but the characters are outstanding

  2. “It’s just that I left the theater feeling nothing one way or the other and that sucks.” — Exactly how I felt. Not a horrid movie by any means, but something is definitely missing.

  3. This story just wasn’t very appealing to me, because I wanted them to bring something to the table that I wasn’t used to. And I didn’t get that. Just some good acting and good direction from Jon Favereau… but nothing else.

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