Best Movies Ever (Newest Opinion)

You already know my deal on this topic, so let's just jump into it, shall we? 10. Brick - Director: Rian Johnson 9. Donnie Darko - Director: Richard Kelly 8. Moon - Director: Duncan Jones 7. Good Will Hunting - Director: Gus Van Sant 6. Memento - Director: Christopher Nolan 5. Requiem For a Dream - Director: Darren Aronofsky 4. Vanilla Sky - Director: Cameron Crowe 3. Forrest Gump - Director: Robert Zemeckis 2. The Departed - Director: Martin Scorsese 1. Inception - Director: Christopher Nolan


  1. Nice list here, not exactly what I would pick, but I could never to a top 10 of all time anyways so kudos to you for being able to narrow it down.

  2. Well my opinion is always changing, but this is the most stable the drasticness has been.

  3. I’m always far too afraid to make lists like this. Opinions are so divided, and the daunting reality is there’s a little more than 10 exceptional films out there, which makes this such a difficult task. But I think you did pretty good justice to a ‘best movies ever’ list. Nice choices.

  4. thank you very much man.

  5. I applaud that you attempted this. I always say how much can you know about yourself if you don’t know your favorite movies or favorite songs or perhaps the food you prefer? (Similar to Fight Club, “How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?”) Of course it’s always changing, but by making the list over and over, you give yourself a chance to actually notice the differences in you unfolding. I’ve somehow narrowed down my absolute favorites to my top five. Check out my list if you like.
    Well anyways, well done.

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