* Movie Mistakes in Star Wars 2 *


1. In the very first scene, when the decoy for Padme is killed by the explosion, Padme’s hair is in “pigtails,” one hanging in front of each shoulder. In the next shot showing Padme, her hair is gathered to one side and hanging over one shoulder.

2. When Palpatine is speaking to the Jedi very near the beginning, the ships in the suspended invisible freeways on the background are always going on the same pattern. Notice that there is an elongated ship with a large rear tip, and then two smaller ships always seem to catch it at the same time. This goes on for about 3 minutes.

3. The twin-engine speeder which Anakin is using to pursue Zam is equipped with four antennas, two of them between the headrests. In the shot when Anakin is trying to catch the falling Obi-Wan, the two antennas in the middle are missing.

4. In the bar scene on Coruscant, when Anakin is tracking Zam Wessel through the bar, his Jedi braid changes sides – it is on the left side of his head in a shot where he is seen from behind. At all other times in the movie, the braid is on the right side of his head.

5. When Padme is packing to leave with Anakin for Naboo, she has a pink outfit in her hands, and she starts walking towards her suitcase. The shot changes and she is still walking, but the pink outfit has been replaced by a navy blue one.

6. On Kamino, when Obi-Wan watches the clone troopers parading, one shot has been reversed: watch Obi-Wan’s clothes.

7. During the scene when Obi-Wan attempts to capture Jango Fett as he departs Kamino, Fett and his son Boba can be seen about to load crates onto his ship. As soon as Boba warns Jango about Obi-Wan’s presence, Jango tells Boba to get in the ship, the scene switches view, the fight between Jango and Obi-Wan starts and where did the crates go?

8. When Padme and Anakin enter the droid production centre, there is a shot of them going through a large door. Though they both crouch slightly, Anakin’s head passes through the door.

9. During the battle of Geonosis, Ki-Adi-Mundi has a blue lightsaber. After the clone army arrives, there is a shot of Obi-Wan and Mace, then Anakin, then Padme. During that shot of Padme, over her right shoulder, Ki-Adi can be seen with a green lightsaber. It then changes back to blue when he is on the transport ship deflecting laser shots.

10. Yoda drops his cane to fight Count Dooku. Then in the wide shots, the cane (CG animated) is no longer on the floor (anywhere), until Yoda conveniently needs it again and pulls it into his hand from nowhere.

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